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What Is the Difference Between a Pastor, Minister and Reverend?

The distinction between a pastor, a minister, and a reverend is that a reverend is a bestowed title rather than a position, although a pastor has the same meaning as a minister. Elder and bishop are additional words for Christian leaders.

The term “elder” was used in the Jewish community and is now occasionally used in the Christian society. It describes a senior citizen who serves as a spiritual guide. A bishop is a supervisor who is in charge of many churches. The spiritual head or superintendent of his congregation is the pastor or minister. A pastor or minister will only serve one church at a time, overseeing both the regular church services and any extracurricular activities. The pastor or minister may occasionally be referred to as a reverend. Depending on the church and the denomination, different titles are used for the role.

The word “pastor” originally meant “shepherd,” hence the origin of the title. When it is suggested that God shepherds a flock of sheep, a metaphor for his Christian followers, this can be found in the Bible. Similar meaning is ascribed to the term “pastor” in this context, which denotes the shepherding of the congregation by the pastor toward eternal salvation via Christ.

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