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What Is a Size 14 in Inches?

Typical measurements for a size 14 in women’s clothing are 40.5 inches at the bust, 33 inches at the waist, and 43 inches at the hips. Dimensions vary slightly between manufacturers. According to J. Crew, this is a “large” size.

Although these are the dimensions for 2014, even a decade ago, measurements were significantly different. Numerous garment manufacturers employ “vanity sizing.” As sizes decrease, consumers feel more comfortable purchasing clothing. In general, women have become larger since the turn of the 20th century. The sizes of sewing patterns have remained unchanged for decades, and a comparison demonstrates how the sizes of manufactured clothing have shrunk. A pattern for a garment with waist and hip measurements of 30 inches and 40 inches corresponds to a size 16, but at J. Crew, these measurements correspond to a size 10.

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