Rumbling Games has AAA ambitions for its upcoming RPG

Historical accuracy or action combat, why not both?

If you’re into RPG’s and Historical games, boy have I got a treat for you.

It has just been announced that Egypt’s Rumbling Games will produce an indie AAA game titled “Knights of Light”. The studio will publish the title under Sony Entertainment. This latest endeavour seeks to bring high-quality gaming to a public at an average price. Let’s take a look at the details we have available as of now on the project.

Medieval influences, obscure battles

The action-adventure RPG is set in the medieval era. It will also be based on historical events that are quite obscure to the uninitiated. Their latest press announcement confirms that the story will revolve around the climactic battles between the Sassanian empire and the Arab forces in the lands of modern-day Iraq. The team has spoken about their ambition to recreate 7th century Iraq as accurately as possible, with as much free space to roam as needed.

The third person action game will feature several playable side characters and one MC known as “the champion”. The MC and bosses involved in the story will all be based on actual historical figures. The games design lead has been confirmed as a contributor on the first Assassin’s Creed game. Having now been greatly inspired by the Witcher franchise, they hope to improve on a system of story choices and minute details in possible outcomes. Furthermore, while the game has been confirmed to be rooted in history, there will also be a hidden “fantasy” path to the campaign. However, little information on the story is known as of now.

Big aspirations, even in pre-alpha

Indeed, the studio has made clear to the press just how ambitious their project is. According to the studio, the game will contain about 60 playing hours along with two estimated expansions. The studio has also hired a professional writer (as of yet unnamed) who has previously written successful medieval novels. The addition hopes to add depth to the main story and quests, with a particular eye to period accuracy.

Although the studio is a Sony publisher, it has been confirmed that the game will be available on PC and Xbox.

While the game is still in early development the studio has released pre-alpha gameplay footage of the combat.

However, what Rumbling Games has provided so far is very basic game footage and many mechanics have not yet been implemented. You can check out the footage here.

It’s clear that the studio has set out an ambitious project for itself. While still far from an official unveiling, Knights of Light could help fill the need for historical action games and join the likes of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Only time will tell if Rumbling Games can deliver on their promises.

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