Banner Saga 3 Announced

A conclusion to the Viking RPG trilogy that has a lot to live up to.

Versus Evil has just announced a release date for the upcoming publishing of Stoic’s Banner Saga 3. The date in question: July 24th 2018.

The game will serve as a conclusion to an emotional, and thought-provoking series of RPG games set in the Viking age. What’s more, the studio has announced that the game will release simultaneously on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, a first for the series.

Let’s take a look at the release formats, as well as the additional info provided by the team on this third installment. 

Closure in a world that provides little

That said, the developer and publisher have also allowed us some insight into the direction the story will be taking this time around. Stoic’s Technical Director, John Watson’s comments on the upcoming release should convince players that the third chapter will be just as strong as the first two. He would comment that, to the team:

“Banner Saga 3 represents the feeling of closure but also immense accomplishment to a trilogy that has been at the very fabric of our lives for many years. We’re ever thankful to the fans and backers that have shared this epic journey with us and helped us deliver what we feel is a fitting end to our Viking adventure.”


Watson’s words should ring true to those who have experience the first two harrowing chapters. If our previous experience is to be trusted, the third installment will pick up where the second left off and allow players to bring the story to a close. Without getting into spoilers, it’s fair that the final fights of the second game left a lot of people perplexed. Beyond relying on a 1 v 1 which many felt was forced, fans were let down by war mechanics which felt lackluster.

Will these issues be addressed in Banner Saga 3? There are a lot of plot points to tie together. If anyone can do it, it’s probably Stoic.

Juicy Details

But that’s not all! The announcement also included some additional details on pre-order bonuses, and future releases.

There will be three digital versions of the game available at launch. A Standard edition on PC will cost $24.99 USD, while the Deluxe Edition will be priced at $29.99 USD. Fans of the series who choose to opt for the second version will snag the game’s official soundtrack as well as a digital wallpaper, a world map and the ‘Gold Wasp’ in-game title.

The third Legendary Edition priced at $39.99 USD includes all the perks of the Deluxe Edition as well as additional exclusive titles, legendary in-game items and a digital novel titled ‘Gift of Hadrborg’.

For one, the studio unveiled pre-order bonuses which will be available to those who buy the game on PC. Dubbed the ‘Dredge Ally Pack’, those who pre-order the game through steam will have access to some neat goodies, detailed in the video below.


Lastly, it’s been announced that 505 games will be publishing a physical copy of the trilogy. The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition will release for both Xbox One and Playstation 4 for $39.99 USD. A digital edition of this package will also be available on PC. These editions will include the three games, as well as a mini art book, a poster and a ‘best of’ soundtrack. The release date for the edition has been confirmed to be July 24th in the US and July 27th in Europe.

Whichever version of this saga you’ll be picking up this summer, Stoic’s heroic epic will be coming to a thrilling conclusion. Hopefully, it’s one which will leave fans satisfied. After all, that’s always a tall order when the road to a conclusion has been so beautiful, and fraught with despair.




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