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Disney Infinity 3.0 Review

Past iterations of the Disney Infinity series demonstrated just how much potential the concept put into place by Disney Interactive has. Bringing all of the characters from the franchise under the same roof in an entertaining title was indeed a great way to present them to both old and new fans. While the past iterations introduced new gameplay mechanics and visited various Play Sets from many universes, the 3.0 edition developed on those mechanics, brought new characters to life, and evolved into something a lot closer to being called as “complete”.

Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 were without a doubt great additions to the Disney games roster; players could take control of their favorite toys and put them into fun and clever situations. Additionally, the game challenged their creative minds when in the Toy Box mode; a feature that allocate players an open-word area where they can use various elements to build their own world. Disney Infinity 3.0 doesn’t only push the boundaries further; it offers a completely revamped way of playing the game.

As you enter this sequel, you are quickly introduced to new sets of toys and characters that will follow you through your journey. The star of the show: Star Wars. Since Disney has purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise, a Play Set, well two to be specific, were created and featured in 3.0. Dubbed Twilight of the Republic and Rise Against the Empire, both Play Sets take place during different periods. While Twilight of the Republic happens shortly after the events of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Rise Against the Empire takes place during the classic Star Wars trilogy events.Disney-IN-3-char

Of course, Star Wars isn’t the only new addition to the title; Disney has also added the Inside Out Play Set, which features new platforming mechanics never visited by the Infinity series. This brand new feature opens new horizons for future Play Sets and updates to the game, hence the mention of the series constantly evolving. The title in question isn’t limited to the three aforementioned Play Sets; there are and will be a few other more.

Just like past iterations, 3.0 comes with a pad on which you set your character of choice – the one you want to control and play as. On a physical stand point, there are no real changes brought to the game, however, in terms of gameplay, Infinity 3.0 looks and feels way different then the past two titles.

Visuals, for example, have been improved in this sequel. The colors are slightly sharper and elements look a little more detailed. The vibrant palette used to make the game so attractive works well regardless of the theme being explored; the animation style and colors work as well in the Star Wars universe as they do in the Avengers world. Thanks to the engine optimization, special effects have a lot more punch, especially when it comes to particle effects created from ligthsabers hitting one another.

The beauty about Disney Infinity isn’t limited in its design and character incorporation, but also in its musical score. From 1.0 to 2.0, the songs created for the game were all beautiful compositions and now, in this third title, the game doesn’t fail to deliver the same level of musical enthusiasm. Star Wars fans will especially rejoice when listening to the numerous scores from the Star Wars franchise.


On a mechanics stand point, the addition of having teams like Ninja Theory and Sumo Digital for example amplifies the experience. Ninja Theory, who are best known for working on games like Devil May Cry, have put in some effort into Infinity 3.0’s fighting mechanics to make it a lot enjoyable. If you are good enough to explore some of the moves, you might even find some of Dante’s signature sword skills. In addition to the fighting being tweaked, Sumo Digital’s input strongly influenced the driving of the game, making vehicles a lot more responsive and fun to ride.

Disney Infinity offers great Play Sets, but after playing them through and completing all of the missions given to you by various NPCs, what else is there to do? This is where the developer incorporated a feature called Toy Box. Although the Toy Box mode was available in the past two games, in 3.0, it offers more and more customizable items and creative opportunities then 1.0 and 2.0 ever could. Now, players can create their world, have certain elements interact with other using basic logic programing – a lot simpler than in Project Spark – and most importantly, share their creations with the world. IF you can share, that also means you can visit other player’s creations and play their visions. Content wise, it’s to Infinity and Beyond!

This game is more than just a series of events for players to accomplish; Disney Infinity 3.0 opens players’ mind and develop their creative talent. The musical score, the great gameplay, the extensive content, the numerous characters and the various universes all work together in perfect symbiosis to deliver an experience true to the Disney brand and honest to fans. 3.0 isn’t only the third iteration of the Infinity series, but it is also its evolution.



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Is there anything bad I can say about Disney? Not really! When it comes down to it, I am a fan of the brand and have grown to love the Infinity series as well. Of course, the game still requires some tweaks here and there in terms of liberty of creation and other walls that limit one’s mind. However, overall, it is capable to free a player from distractions and quickly engulf them in the game. Playing along with your favorite characters and turning into a 6 year-old once more is a great feeling.

Besides the numerous toys that are being released for the game, which you have to purchase, obviously, the game isn’t so bad. The design really is inspiring. The Star Wars theme was also very well adapted to the series and, although it features some unlikely events, remains overall true to the brand. I can’t wait to see how 4.0 will look like!

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