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Samsung S8 & S8 Plus Review: Evolve & Adapt!

That feeling you get when getting your hands on a new phone is a little like driving a brand new car for the first time. It might not smell like a fresh leather interior, but the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus offer an experience fitting of all ages.

Samsung designed this new smartphone with some of the latest technology. Whether it involves high-quality visuals, precise camera, or even cool new applications and features, the S8 and S8 Plus have tons to offer. The first element to hit you right in the eye is the screen. Now being technical could be a great idea, however, for this review, I will be putting into my own words every technicality.

From the get go, the S8 models feature quite a clean and clear image. The image quality is on par with the latest tech the world has to offer. However, where the S8 Plus sets itself apart is with its brand new Infinity Screen. The Infinity Screen is the first of its kind; it delivers a crisp and high-resolution image, all while being very comfortable in any hand. Unlike some square models, the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus actually feels good. It is a device that we hold all day, so comfort is now an important element to consider in design.

I own a Note 3 Model and although I got used to holding a huge phone like that one, the S8 and S8 Plus have a huge screen without feeling so cramped in my hand. Curving screens as such is probably one of the smartest moves I have ever seen on a smartphone – it isn’t the first phone to have a curved screen, but this model is the most advanced one.Samsung S8 WAter Backdrop

Having a gorgeous screen is useless unless you have something nice to display on it. That said, the S8 and S8 Plus are equipped with high-tech frontal and back lenses to ensure that you get the best image at all times. Whether you are aiming at a picture or a video, the front 8 MP and the main 12 MP (dual pixel sensor) cameras guarantee you to have the best picture ever taken on a Samsung smartphone. As a photographer, your job is to ensure you have a good lightning backing you up!

Featured from the get go is the Pro Mode, a special mode for photography that gives you control over many crucial elements such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure value, color tone, focus and more. Playing around with those features and learning how to make the best of them have been made easy thanks to the simplistic HUD display. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to come across individuals that love to share their favorite moments, and foods, online via social media. The advanced photography settings and features help those moments look as magnificent as possible.

Now owning a phone is all fun and games. You can make calls, play some cool online games, stay in communication with some friends via social media, find your way thanks to the GPS… everything you would expect a smartphone to do can be done with the S8. Aside from the high-end camera and Infinity Screen, there is yet another really amazing and unique feature I must talk about: Bixby.

Bixby is a smart UI integrated within the S8 and S8 Plus that makes your life a lot easier. Let’s say you are walking downtown in Los Angeles and you see a really nice dress on someone. You can take a picture of it and if it recognizes it, Bixby will redirect you to an online store where you can order it. Bixby also recognizes other items like landmarks. If you ever find yourself lost in Japan, you can scan a landmark to know where you are, and be using Bixby integrated language translator, ask for directions back to your hotel. I never got the chance to test it at a museum, but it would be quite something to have an app recognize artwork and give you a historical background on it.

The Samsung S8 and S8 Plus is an amazing phone and just like most new models, it is slightly better than its predecessor. Overall, the new features do please the majority of active social media users – an extra bonus point for having a 4K-ready camera and onboard high-tech editing tools. Now, smartphones are all about multimedia and entertainment, as well as utility, and in my opinion, the S8 is probably the best option to have at the moment.

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