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Muzik One Review – Unlock Your Music!

“I listen to music, I read scripts, and I know pretty intuitively if I can inlock it in a way. It’s actually very liberating when you understand that not everything is for you.” – Diane Paulus

I live in Montreal and taking public transport daily made me realize just how much people are investing on headphones. In-Ear, Over-Hear, big, small, white, black, wired, wireless… they come in many shape and sizes.

Over the past few years, I have been using the V-Moda LP, a pair I have grown to love and use as a reference. They are solid, have amazing sound output, and look crazy cool. I use them for gaming, for my daily music fix, and when I get a gig, for mixing. In short, they have been following me pretty much everywhere.

When I first got the Muzik One headphones, an item I have been waiting for quite some time, I was excited. One of my good friends and musical aspiration has worked on the project, ensuring that the end product is at its best. My first impression: was this new technology built for the people, or to push the industry forward?

Muzik One Pair

Daily Convenience!

Switching headphones after using the same pair for so long isn’t easy, especially when you get accustomed to them. When unboxing the Muzik One, I noticed that there is an entire kit in the box. The content features a microphone integrated AUX cable, a soft carrying case, a micro-USB cable, a drawstring bag and a pair of swappable cushions. The cushions aren’t the same size, so if you prefer the smaller on-ear instead of the over-ear, all you must do is snap them off and switch them. They connect with the main piece using secure magnetic parts, so there is no need for tools.

The Muzik One work both with a wire and wireless, and they connect with ease to any system using the latest Bluetooth technology. However, most of the features are only available via the iOS application Muzik Connect. For example, using them alongside an Android-running smartphone will allow you to listen to music and answer calls. Also, default assigned functions on the Muzik One can also be used, such as tampering with the volume and changing songs, but that is as far as it goes.

If using the iOS app, on the other hand, you are in for quite an experience. Thanks to Muzik Connect, you can assign the buttons to do a lot more for you. For example, you can assign them to do the following:

  • Tell you what song is playing (Spotify)
  • Save a track onto one of your playlists (Spotify)
  • Remind you what is your next event set up on your calendar
  • Follow an artist (Spotify)
  • Tweet moment and share music to Facebook and Twitter
  • Speed dial
  • And more

Unfortunately, I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t fully enjoy the pair – I did get a chance to test them out using a friends iPhone. For the use I make of them, which are limited to listening to music, gaming and answering calls, the Muzik One reaches my full expectations. They are comfortable, light, have a decent battery life, and are quite convenient. For a person who uses them daily, they are a high-quality product with a sound output that put most headphones to shame.


Class & Quality

The Muzik One is both elegant and slick in design. Available in three color schemes (Black/Black, White/Silver, White/Gold), the pair surprised me in many ways. For one, the materials used are solid; nothing feels cheap. They remind me of the material used to build Razer keyboards! As for the cushions, they are quite comfortable, even for lads like myself that, unfortunately, sweat a lot. So long you don’t scratch them, the headphones can easily preserve their charm.

As mentioned earlier, you can swap out the over-ear cushions and setup the smaller on-ear ones with ease thanks to the magnets. Once you are comfortable and ready, play anything and start enjoying the well-balanced sound the headphone produces. Compared to some pairs that have onboard amplifiers that boost the bass by an earful, the Muzik One doesn’t overwhelm as much. As a former DJ, and active gamer and music enthusiast, this pair of smart headphones delivers just the right amount of sound levels.

If you are using the iOS app Muzik Connect, you can play around with the levels such as the bass and treble to reach your own point of comfort. However, the default setting is quite balanced, so for any connoisseur, there is no real need to temper with anything.

Enhance Your Life!

The Muzik One is more than just a simple pair of smart headphones; they are a platform that enhances your daily life through various means. When faced with the challenge of creating a product unique in its genre, the development team had faced some obstacles. One of the main issues is promoting the product for what it actually is, a new platform.

“The biggest problem we have is educating people that our product looks like a headphone and has superior sound quality over other headphones but it is actually a new platform that enhances your Apps.” – James Berberian (Muzik, Vice President of Global Sales)

The Muzik One smart headphone is a powerful device and a great platform unique in its genre. Compared to many headphones already available on the market, it greatly distinguishes itself with its slick design, high-quality sound output, and superior set of options. Although most of the experience is available solely to iOS users, the Muzik One, at its core, still tops when it comes to being a headphone product. With the Muzik One, you will truly go through an experience that will unlock your sound!

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