super mairo odyssey review

Super Mario Odyssey Review

Twice in the same year, Nintendo does it again!

Mario is finally back in his latest and most ambitious adventure yet! It is still amazing how this one mustachioed man continues to surprise us after all these long years. Super Mario Odyssey is by far the biggest surprise to date since Super Mario 64. The sheer amount of content will have you running and jumping constantly day and out and you probably still missed something somewhere. Mario has finally found the best partner to travel with as well.

Super Mario Odyssey gives you as classic as Mario adventures can get all while giving you so many new tools to play with. This time, Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and stealing a bunch of legendary items to use in this forced attempt to marry her. Although that sounds really mean, now that I think about it, we can all agree it’s about time Bowser made a real effort to get what he wants. Of course, Mario will do all he can to save his beloved Princess, including but not limited to traveling the whole world (he traveled through galaxies twice though).

Of course, a new adventure means a new partner to travel with. The elegantly charming Cappy is a male “hat ghost” from the Cap Kingdom and he shares the same goal as Mario since his beloved, appropriately named Tiara, was also kidnapped by Bowser. When the Koopa King knocks Mr. Mustache off his airship, he almost completely shreds Mario’s hat. Sharing the same goal, Cappy helps Mario by being his replacement hat and giving him the power to take control of certain objects and creatures once Cappy worn by them.

This single mechanic is by far one of the most simplistic but also the most versatile of all the things Mario has used over the years, and he has used a lot of tools in the past. Through the use of this mechanic, Mario will take control of frogs, T-Rexes, tanks, poles, fireballs and much, much more. The creativity put in utilizing this mechanic is nothing short of impressive. Admittedly, the greatness behind this element can be truly appreciated thanks to the quantity and quality of level design. The kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey are spacious and wide open for exploration. You can attempt to do anything in any order that you please.


Power Moons are the power source Mario is looking for in each kingdom and they are, literally, anywhere and everywhere. It is baffling where you can sometimes find the most random Power Moon. A little curiosity goes a very long way in this game. Most kingdoms contain over 50 Power Moons and honestly, one wonders how were they able to fit them in there. The most daring completionists out there will have a lot of fun treasure hunting in this game.


Super Mario Odyssey is also a game that will teach to be a better platform gamer. The general road of the game isn’t too difficult to complete. However, if you are a daring explorer, you will find a lot of difficult challenges to put your precise skills to the test. These challenges range from collecting musical notes in short amount of time to classic 2D platform segments. The latter is by far one of the most creative and impressive tools used in the level designs. These 2D retro segments are generally entered through special warp pipes where Mario comes out the other side in his classic NES sprite design. From there the controls change to the original Super Mario Bros. and just like that, you are playing a whole different game. It is a great 2D level design that is living within a great 3D level design. This seamless transition between is used in a multitude of ways and all are as entertaining as the next. The 3D-focused challenges will use the tools Cappy brings to the table and that includes but not limited to chain-jumping with Cappy or taking possession of other creatures or objects.

Not only will you be taking so much time finding all the Power Moons and completing challenge after challenge, there is a lot of side activities as well. Just in the Metro Kingdom for example, in New Donk City, Mario has a lot of side challenges to undertake such as car racing, jumping ropes and more. These even have world rankings synced to your game so you can compete with everyone to see who is the best at jumping ropes as the one and only Jumpman himself. This extreme attention to detail and added elements left and right is one of the many reasons Super Mario Odyssey exceeds expectations.

You can also take snapshots at any time throughout the game. With the press of a button, the game freezes and you are able to maneuver the camera to take the best pictures. There are even a great selection of filters you can use to add that extra flair to your pictures. Since you can also get new clothes and getups for Mario, there is a lot of fun to be had in posing our red hero for the best selfie!


Writer’s Blox:

In the end, Super Mario Odyssey is the definitive compilation of all major 3D Mario games. So many times, you will come to notice references to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. However, the game takes most from Super Mario 64 as there were so many things that game did right that Nintendo had not brought back in 3D Mario games. Super Mario Odyssey is by far one of the most impressive I have played in a while and I did not expect a game with this size at all. As games are getting more expensive, it is very important to see what games offer for their price tag and Odyssey offers the full price an then some. Good job Nintendo, you managed to release two masterpieces in one year!

The Good
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Most Animated Mario Yet
  • So. Much. To. Do.
  • Presentation
  • Graphics/Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Fun Factor

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