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Uncharted: Lost Legacy Review

Naughty Dog brings us a brand new Uncharted game complete with new protagonists as well! Uncharted: Lost Legacy breaks away from Nathan Drake and allows us to dive deeper into the adventures of other major characters in the series. This time, we take control of Chloe Frazer, a fellow treasure hunter who has had a past with Nate, and she is partnered with none other than Nadine Ross, former Shoreline operative. This is the game that will truly determine whether or not, Nathan Drake is essential for this to be an Uncharted game or is the experience great all on its own.Once again, Uncharted looks absolutely attractive. This time, we get to enjoy the deep jungles of India and the scenery is by far of the game’s highlights. Traveling through the ruins of the ancient Hoysala Empire brings us many puzzles and locations that play with the many stories of Indian culture. The sculptures and designs are extremely impressive.

The best and more familiar character to introduce us to this adventure is Chloe Frazer. Given her background and charming nature, it is entertaining to play as her. Being accompanied by none other than Nadine Ross, the relationship the two ladies develop is fresh with each displaying their own way of thinking and doing things. Lost Legacy proves that even with a cast change, the game can definitely retain the charming and funny nature of Uncharted scripting.

The dynamic between Chloe and Nadine goes quickly from professional to sometimes heart-warming when the two sympathize with the struggles each lady is facing. There is nurture in their communication even if sometimes their personalities clash. Chloe’s free-caring way of doing things can sometimes drive Nadine crazy. All this and more create this awesome and entertaining environment. This effectively makes this adventure all the more fun to go through.

Of course, all great stories have villains. The main villain was greatly portrayed and he played the evil role quite well. The motivations for his actions and plans proved to be more ideological than the protagonists. This may prove to be less interesting to some as one feels as if his exact course of action is not justified. His end goal wasn’t clear and that left his overall representation a bit lacking. However, overall it was still entertaining seeing how Chloe and Nadine put up against him.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy brings us a great mix of puzzle and action back-to-back. The switch between the two is smooth and refreshing. The action sequences are fun and pretty textbook for Uncharted. However, the puzzle sequences were more impressive. As the series’ strengths, these two elements are greatly implemented in the game. The game’s structure as a whole would have two issues: the game’s main storyline is about 5-6 hours of gameplay. That is moderately long enough for a good action game.

The second issue would be the little change Lost Legacy brings in about the second half of the game. At some point, you drive around a wide open-world region free to explore the Indian wilderness at your leisure. The environment is beyond gorgeous, but the biggest issue would be the immense plane only reminded me that there is no one and nothing in it. There is a side quest that could be completed but that is about it.

Still, despite these low points, Lost Legacy does a great job in bringing us a brand new adventure worthy of the Uncharted name. This title proves that the series does not depend on Nathan Drake in order to be successful. This game is definitely a great success and I would definitely like to see more Uncharted games focus on different Uncharted characters. As long as Naughty Dog continues to play on the series’ strengths, they will no doubt continue to make successful experiments like this one.

The great dynamic between Chloe and Nadine, the mind-blowing visuals and environments and the ever-entertaining interactions are but one of the many things that Uncharted: Lost Legacy does greatly.

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