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Kirby Battle Royale Review

Kirby will do anything for cake. Would you?

Kirby Battle Royale is yet another title Kirby stars in on the Nintendo 3DS. As we approach ever closer to the end of the 3DS era, some may wonder what is left to experience on the platform? Although we have had so many big adventures and memorable titles on the 3D handheld, there is always the mediocre games that keep things light… sometimes too light.

Kirby Battle Royale is, unfortunately, one such title. As soon as I pop in the game, I am greeted with a tutorial placed as a cute prologue to the game’s Story Mode. Of course, Kirby games have always been known to be very accessible to young and new players. This game takes that element a bit too much to heart as the game itself is so straightforward, it lacks depth and incentive to improve.

The Story Mode itself isn’t that long. It can be completed in about five hours and consists of a series of challenges dressed as mini-games in which Kirby must win in order to move forward and win a promised cake. Advancing through the Story Mode will unlock new abilities to use as well as other mini-games not available in the beginning. Once you make your way through all the leagues, you will gain the option to purchase Boost Orbs. These orbs can help boost Kirby with new abilities and enhanced stats such as more life or defense.

The game is played with a top-down view this time around as opposed to the usual side-scrolling view we are accustomed to. Kirby does not copy his enemies’ abilities in this game but has an ability equipped beforehand, chosen by the player. You can lift objects and throw them with the R button and use different attacks with the B and X buttons. The game focuses more on the action aspect of the abilities rather than the platforming core that the Kirby series is known for.

Now, the more you play, the more you can unlock. The game begins with a few popular copy abilities available to the player to use. That is because in this game, Kirby does not swallow enemies to copy their abilities. Instead, you select an ability before heading into battle. This means that there are a lot of abilities to be unlocked. This is all done through the collection of battle points which is a currency collected from every game you play. These points can also purchase a lot of neat stuff like music and more. One thing this game does in abundance is unlockables.

The core modes that will give this game more life is no doubt the local and online multiplayer modes. The local multiplayer mode can be shared with players who do not own the game through download play. This is cool although maneuvering between the different modes offered in download play can be a pain since players must re-download and connect every single time players want to change mini-games.

The online multiplayer mode is better, but it still lacks some important notions. Although, it’s good that this game pins some players against each other, there are some connection issues that really hinder the overall experience. However, when these issues don’t come up, the online mode is actually very fun and a good way to enjoy what game has to offer.

Writer’s Blox:

The game itself does not offer a huge amount of content beyond the 10 mini-games and its difficulty variants. However, there is a great amount of unlocking to do and it’s fun to try out the different abilities in the different mini-games. The game looks like it could have become something a lot more interesting given the proper connection stability, a bigger mini-games count and adding a layer of customization. Alas, the game feels like it’s supposed to be a light experience and that, it is. If you like the light and breezy Kirby party fun, this is the game for you.

The Good
  • Lots of Unlockables
  • Easy to Pick up and Play
The Bad
  • Very Short Single Player Mode
  • Connection Issues
  • Lack of Incentive to Play More
  • Presentation
  • Graphics/Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Fun Factor
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