Dragon Quest Builders Review

Be The Architect of the World!

Dragon Quest Builders is one way of interloping the ever-growing appeal of Minecraft and the familiar and deep world of Dragon Quest into one harmonious package. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to explore a world in Dragon Quest environments and mold it as you see fit, well then, you will need to no further. Even now, on the Nintendo Switch, the game is definitely something that can be enjoyable to all and for different reasons.

The game sets you off in a strange land with shortly-customized character. Not a hero mind you, but a simple builder. The game explains to you that you do not play the role of the hero and as any Dragon Quest player would agree, that does come as quite a shock. Your goal and destiny will be to build the world anew as the people have forgotten how and wander the land trying to survive. It is up to you to build a home and shelter them from danger. 

As you progress through the game, you will way you can break down and build the environment around you. You can build tools, armor and weapons. So it isn’t all about the building of course. As aforementioned, the game tiptoes the fine line between a general RPG the series is known for and a building simulator. Of course, similarly to the famous Minecraft, the world is entirely destructible and so you can let your imagination run wild with how you wish to mold it. Build cities and even castles and bases. 

Further into the game, you will upgrade your building game with newer and stronger materials which will unlock more things to build for yourself and for your villagers. As the story unfolds, you will find the plot to be quite interesting as even the main villain is somewhat unclear at most times. The narrative is one of the elements that definitely brings joy to children and adults alike. The dialogue is pretty snappy and can sometimes make you chuckle at some of the remarks made by the characters. However, it does not take long to grow fond of the people you are taking care of.  

Of course, quest after quest, you will come to notice that your next goal is always clear and you will have to mine, collect and gather a lot of materials on your travels in order to be efficient. The building can only be so good if you have the tools needed after all. These RPG elements to the game allow for the crafting system to be simple and easy to manipulate and plan. The more you put in the easier you will be able to manage. Boy, there is a lot to manage. The village will need protection at first and security. The player will have build all the necessities for a healthy lifestyle all while managing your own character. The protagonist will feel hungry from time to time and so it will be important no only equip him/her well enough to fight the wilderness but also the provisions needed as to not starve to death either. 

However, will enough effort put in, the townsfolk may become valuable allies as they can even help you defend the village while you’re there doing what you are destined to do. It is very intricate and impressive how the world continues to evolve over time and it shows that the player will have to play their part in order to progress well into the game. 

As much as there is a lot to manage in Dragon Quest Builders, the game does the player to progress however fast or slow he or she wishes. There is no penalty for death or failure, but the game allows for some real relaxing game time. It doesn’t emphasize on the stressful and sometimes demanding gameplay experiences other RPG’s lead through. There is a lot to do, but you have all the time you need to do it.  

Writer’s Blox: 

I was surprised to see how well Dragon Quest Builders meshes the building and RPG elements. It is very easy to get caught with all the tasks you want to take on to finally give this world more shape. It begins looking pretty barren at the start, but with enough effort, you will truly see it all coming together the way you want. That feeling of accomplishment is indeed very persuasive and can give players the incentive to give more and more into this world made of earthly cubes. This is a very great way to tone down after a long day and play at your leisure, be you a child or adult. 

The Good
  • Very Charming World and Characters
  • Great Mix of Genres
  • A Lot of Freedom To Mold The World
The Bad
  • Not a Game for Thrill Seekers
  • Presentation
  • Graphics/Sound
  • Gampelay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Fun Factor

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