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Diablo 3 Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch

Feel the power of Hell anywhere, anytime!

It’s not every day a Blizzard game gets released on a Nintendo platform and yet, here we are with Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch. A dungeon-crawler such as this one is a great addition to the hybrid console’s library. Diablo 3 is now a six-year-old title and it is surprising this game is being ported. The true question remains: “Does an intense dungeon crawler like Diablo 3 feel right at home on a platform like the Nintendo Switch?” We are about to find out.

First off, Diablo 3 Eternal Collection does not offer any new content per se besides the ability to equip an armor that turns you into the King of Demons himself, Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda. The Eternal Collection contains all the content released currently for Diablo 3, including the Reaper of Souls expansion. For the Switch, you will enjoy the final form of the game, so it has been quite a convincing experiment playing it on the Nintendo platform.

The game looks great on the go. It runs on 720p when in handheld mode and honestly, it doesn’t feel cramped up at all. Playing on the big screen, scaling to a maximum of 960p, the visuals may suffer a little in detail but overall, it still looks surprisingly amazing!

Playing Diablo 3 on the go has been a blast! Being able to play this on commutes, breaks and other idle moments of everyday life is definitely not something I saw myself doing when Diablo 3 first released all those years ago. Although it does play rough on the battery life, like any of the big titles, I can safely say that it is hard not to play this whenever I get the chance.

The multiplayer is pretty standard with the Nintendo Switch but what was surprising is that the connection pains were absent. There was little impact on framerate, none I could feel at all. The online multiplayer was smooth and very reliable.

Writer’s Blox:

The game is definitely a great addition to the Nintendo Switch library. Anyone who hasn’t played can enjoy the entirety of the game’s content on the platform both at home and on the go. Veterans who happen to be Nintendo players also can enjoy wreaking havoc as Ganondorf (that was really fun!). The port is definitely a success and I personally hope Blizzard sees this as an opportunity to bring more of their games on the Nintendo Switch.

The Good
  • Impressive Visuals on Platform
  • Reliable Online
The Bad
  • Consumes Battery Fast
  • Presentation
  • Graphics/Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Fun Factor
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