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Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch Review

A Whole New World in A Familiar Place

We all remember a time when we all thought at some point “there’s no way Dark Souls would come to a Nintendo platform”. Well then, I am happy to have in my hands exactly that. Let’s talk about the remastered version of the original Dark Souls for the Nintendo Switch.

Since the Nintendo Switch’s arrival, we all knew it was going to be a different console and now we get to experience a game like Dark Souls on it. We are now in an era where we can enjoy the power of a strong AAA title at home and on the go. Of course, Dark Souls Remastered has released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. While these consoles offer a better resolution and graphical prowess, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t hinder the experience and only loses points when compared to its competitors side-by-side. Nevertheless, the experience of enjoying Dark Souls Remastered on the go is still breathtaking.

For all veterans, the game will feel new yet familiar. A lot of the gameplay has been rectified and corrected this time around. As many would remember, traveling around Blightown was filled with framerate drops in multiple areas in the original version. This is no longer true as the game now runs at a steady 30 frames per second. When docked, the game runs at 1080p and 720p when in handheld mode. Although the game is upgraded further on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X

Exploring Lordrum once again is an experience worth visiting again or for your first time. There so many secrets that could uncover if you are simply curious and brave enough. However, in the original game, a lot of the trips you had to make were tedious and it demanded a lot of back and forth. Other changes such as the ability to use multiple items at once as well as the option to change covenants at any bonfire does make the playthrough easier.

Some might say today’s gamers may have become quite impatient than we used to. Something we ought to reflect on. A lot of these changes may seem small but it actually just how much the game was built on a very solid foundation that made it age well. Still to the modern gamer, especially a newcomer, I believe they are necessary in order to appeal to them. No one will ever argue the power of intuitive gameplay.

Of course, the most unique and useful feature in playing Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch is the handheld mode. At first, anyone might think that playing a big game such as Dark Souls would demand comfortable seating at all times. After having enjoyed it on my commutes on a daily basis, I can faithfully admit that I underestimated the handheld mode. This game will be needing you to run a lot of errands and quests in order to play more efficiently. There is no better to do these than when sitting on a bus or subway to clock in a quick boss or side quest. Playing until reaching that next bonfire before tucking my Switch away is quick and efficient.

Playing in this mode does offer a lower resolution, as mentioned before. However, the screen being smaller and playing in different lighting throughout my travels, I don’t need and barely notice that the game could have looked better if it ran a 1080p resolution on the go. Frankly, I find it unnecessary at this point. I am a lot appreciative of that when I’m gaming in the comfort of my home.

Writer’s Blox:

Dark Souls Remastered has both surprised me and not surprised in a fun way. Things that I initially believed were going to be less interesting turned out to be the features that truly make it unique playing it on the hybrid console. Then, it was also expected for the game to have its own set of revamped gameplay elements that eliminate the tedious chores of old. It is definitely a remake worth grabbing and I would recommend the Nintendo Switch version for veterans who wish to return to Lordrum. Not only will you be returning to a familiar place, but you will be doing so in a brand new way and I think that is the real experience here.

The Good
  • Perfect for docked and handheld play
  • Cleaning up a lot of tedious chores
  • Retains all the intense gameplay
  • Presentation
  • Graphics/Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Fun Factor
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