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Preview: For Honor, A Battle For Domination And Conquest

Ubisoft recently invited us over to play their latest build of For Honor, the medieval melee warfare that we have all thought of at one point come to life.We got the honor to enjoy, for the first time, the PvP aspect of For Honor, which is no doubt one of the main dishes that the game has to offer. Plus, we were able to get an inside scoop on the world of the online conquest that will evolve through hardships and wars. Fasten your seat belts because For Honor is shaping up to deliver an experience worthy of its title!

Classes and Factions:

  • Vanguard: These classes are generally well-rounded for all aspects of combat. They are great for inspiring surrounding soldiers and capturing points. The three characters that fill this class are: The Warden, the Kensei and the Raider
  • Heavy: The strong and defensive class may not be very mobile, but they sure pack a real punch up close. They generally have perks and abilities that damage a wide field or increased their defenses. For this class, players can choose between the Conqueror, the Shugoki and the Warlord.
  • Assassin: This class is made for players who wish to take out targets unexpectedly. They are great for 1-on-1 and demand more skill in order to block and dodge. Plus, they are easier to take out than other classes, but they make up in raw damage output. The Peacekeeper, the Orochi and the Berserker are your disposal.
  • Long: Finally, this is one classs we were not able to try out, but they have been revealed. These warriors wield long polearms and lances to have maximum distance from their opponents. The Lawbringer, the Nobushi and the Valkyrie can strike from afar.

Each class plays significantly different. In war, choosing a class may give you different responsibilities. For example, as an assassin, it is dangerous to jump in the middle of the fight. It is important to strike from the right angle. As other classes, it could be more beneficial to control the capture points and minimize the enemy’s presence on the battlefield. This is truly a worthy experience of medieval warfare!

Three Modes:

Ubisoft introduced the three main modes that will be available in For Honor. We were able to play each one at least once. They each offer a different experience.

  • Dominion: The main mode demonstrated in past demos. Two armies fight for supremacy in a 4-on-4 format. Each army fights to claim three different areas in order to score points faster. Defeating enemy players and minions also count for points.
  • Elimination: This is the equivalent to shooters’ Team Deathmatch. Two teams of four fight to kill each other and win in a best of 5 rounds. This mode is ridiculously fun and will demand teamwork and communication to ensure no one gets caught alone. Even after death, players can be revived by teammates. However, they cannot revive should they get executed upon death. You can trust all the video game magic you want; no one returns after getting decapitated. This is a mode that can very well be transformed into an eSports-worthy activity.
  • Duel: Are you one of those solo players who prefer to test your might in a 1-on-1 format? Duel is made for you. In a single fight showdown, players will prove their superior skills in melee combat.

Of all the modes, Elimination proved to be the most attractive mode for me. Its potential for competitive play is impressive. Teammates must build excellent synergy in both their play styles, their combination of warriors as well as their individual skill as well. This is important because when a round begins, players spawn in front of an enemy player at random. The first important decision begins once the horn is blown: Do you stand and fight your foe or run and try to regroup with your allies?

Story Time:

Of course, For Honor also sports a single player campaign that tells a tale of conquest and war. In the world of For Honor, three factions search to prosper in their own way. Conquest, survival or fear are all valid reason to  go to war. In some missions, you will play as a one of the faction’s warriors and invade another. However, sometimes internal issues may rise as well. That is true for the mission we were able to play at Ubisoft. Vikings fight other Vikings to overthrow an unfit leader. This is a cool mode to unwind from the stress of PvP and a great way of learning about the different warriors to choose from in For Honor.

Faction War:

This is the most interesting part of For Honor. The online community will affect the world of the game with their wins and losses in the Faction War. On this map, you will see the territories of the Knights, Samurai and Vikings. Players will swear allegiance to now of them and try to invade neighboring enemy areas. All the results are compiled from all the battles fought and updated in different periods of time.

The timeline is split into Seasons, Rounds and Turns. A turn lasts 6 hours and the Faction that controls the most War Assets in said territory will earn control over it. At the end of the Round, which lasts 2 weeks, will award a Win to the Faction with the most War Assets and controlled territories. At the end of the 5 Rounds or ten weeks, the Faction with the most Round Wins will win the Season. Winning a Season gives the victorious Faction and all its loyal players with exclusive rewards. Even if you did not participate much during the Season, if your Faction wins, you are also rewarded in the same way. Don’t worry about real life problems and responsibilities getting in the way of your gaming. The fight for honor will go on!

For Honor is now open for Beta registration as well. You can make your way to this website to join the battle.

“Today, Ubisoft announced that the For Honor Closed Beta will be available in January 2017. Players will be able to step onto the war-torn lands of Ashfeld, Valkenheim and Myre with brand new multiplayer experiences that showcase the age old war between Vikings, Samurai and Knights.

Coinciding with the closed beta, Ubisoft will launch War of the Factions, a pre-launch limited time event. War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activity across all platforms in the closed beta launching January 2017. Rewards will be given to warriors participating in the beta as well as the winning faction.”


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