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E3 2016: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands hands-on experience

If there is one thing I really hate about shooters in general is the lack of tactical aspect of getting objectives done.

Most of them are like ”go there, kill everyone, get the thing you need and mission accomplished”. This game is completely different.


There is a real advantage to go slow and coordinate with your team to take down key targets in the new Ghost Recon. The session I had the chance to play at E3 this year was a mission where we needed to find a computer with information about a drug lord (the objective of this title is to dismantle a Mexican cartel who took hold of Bolivia’s territories). At first we needed to learn where was that computer so we needed to interrogate a target. The task looks easy but I was paired with two other person that didn’t really knew what they were doing (like driving the car on reverse the whole mission). The squad leader (a really patient Ubisoft employee) helped them the best he could and we could say that him and I actually did the job by ourselves.

Co-op is becoming really important in this new era of games; some will be underused and some will put too much emphasis on teamwork but from what I saw this title is very well-balanced. My two underskilled teammates died a couple of times so we had to go revive them where they were while taking fire but we managed to do it without too much problems. The game is striking the perfect balance between co-op play and single player objectives. We haven’t been together at all time and it’s even better if we coordinate our team to do different thing like we did on that map. I was covering my allies with the sniper rifle, my squad leader was on the ground doing the objectives and the other two were getting shot at too much (yeah they were that bad).


You can use the many type of vehicles and gadgets to fulfill your mission. You have access to choppers, many jeeps and motorcycles but my favorite has to be the drone; you can deploy a little toy drone to pinpoint objectives and enemy positions to make your job easier while doing the mission since locking on a target ”marks” it.

In the title there is ”Wildlands” and let me tell you, it looks real good. The bushes, sand dunes and mountains are textured perfectly. It’s the best setting for an all out war against the cartel. Grab three friends and set a week off on March 7, 2017 and play on my friends!


By the way, if I can brag a little, on the mission we had to capture and interrogate a person that normally would escape on his motorcycle, I managed to captured the target before he could hit the road and our squad leader told me that it was the first time someone caught him before he left. And it kinda broke the game a little but because we were supposed to chase him a little and since it didn’t happen, we had to kill him to keep going.

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