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E3 2016: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Hands-Off

After the success of South Park: The Stick of Truth, Ubisoft took over the development of the franchise and worked, once again, alongside South Park creator Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

In this crazy title, which takes place following the events of The Stick of Truth, you take control of the King of Douchebags, which is basically the same character that is new to the city of South Park, but after being crowned King – because you supposedly finished the other game. In this adventure, the kids decide to stop playing Lord of the Rings, Game of Throne, or whatever they were playing and turn into super heroes. As it turns out, the kids have a massive discussion about who should get to take part in which movie, but the whole thing ends up in a fight.


From the get go, South Park makes fun of Marvel and its ridiculous plan to release video content for all of their members. Of course, this ends up in a fight and the superhero team finishes by splitting apart. At that point, Cartman (the Coon), takes matters into his own hands and ends up accepting the new kid, you, to join their team.

You are given a set of a couple of classes to choose from, such as Speedster, Brutalist and Blaster. As you progress through the title, you unlock more classes, such as Psychic, Assassin, Cyborg and more. During a private screening, we were told that at some point in the game, it will be possible to merge two classes together, meaning that you can play Douchebag as a Psychic Speedster, for example. Once you are set and have chosen your class, the most important part of a gamer, you are given a backstory by Cartman.

The story itself is rated R and, just like the cartoon, the game will not be appropriate for children – there is heavy use of slang and slurs, as well as tons of referral to sex and similar activities. Regardless, the game looks like a copy of the show, which, in the last title, was praised upon.

In addition to offering a completely new story, the game’s combat mechanics come completely changed and revamped. The game no longer follows traditional JPRG combat, but instead features one that reminds me a little bit about Megaman Battle Network – you can move a certain amount of steps in all four directions and position yourself away from harm and ready to attack.

The new thing here is that not only can you move, but you can also push away enemies. Beware, because a law of physics clearly states that if you push an object, the object just might come and push you back – enemies can also push you around! This new combat system definitely makes Fractured But Whole a unique South Park experience.

All that aside, the game’s theme really makes fun of Marvel and DC in their quest for movie hits, as well as other celebrities – Matt and Trey talked about the possibility to meet a gay fish that is working on a video game where you control his grandmother cross the gates of Heaven. Reminds you of anyone?


Writer’s Blox

I am a huge fan of South Park and I cannot express how joyful I was to learn more about this title. For me The Stick of Truth was an amazing experience and now that Fractured But Whole is set for release soon, I cannot wait. The fact that the colors – well the entire decor actually – is a perfect replica of South Park, I feels as though I was going to participate in yet another episode of the series. I was OK with that!

As far as it goes, I was happy to learn that the combat mechanics were improved and gave a little more movement freedom than in the previous title. Let’s say it again and all together: we can’t wait to play South Park: Fractured But Whole.

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