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E3 2016: Sea of Thieves Hands-on Experience

Everyone of us has already daydreamed about being a pirate. Roaming the seven seas, drinking rum and burying treasures. We don’t know yet if you can do the last one with Sea of Thieves but the other two are really well executed (the rum part is good).


We started our experience at the demo booth with little knowledge about the controls and our actual goal. My four Swashbucklers and me started on a remote island surrounded by the deep blue sea. We were in a small hut and we suddenly realized that it was the starting point and not just a waiting room for the game to load. We then came outside to see that there was a big ship waiting for us in the docks. Once we arrived on the deck, everything became clear; we are the crew, we have to do everything.

Raise the anchor, drop the sails, turn the wheel; everything is doable very easily by pressing on ”X” but we had a mission. We were told that we needed to sink the other ships. After a little bit of everyone standing around, I was drinking beer and playing accordion myself, we started to attend to our tasks. Since there are no pre-definite roles we were not really sure of who would do what at first but I’ve climbed up the mat to go check if there were enemy ships in sight. Once I’ve announced that there was a ship in sight, the crew worked together to get things done. We were three ships in the sea, and each of us was sure we could sink the others. The fight was on.

The sound of cannons, the constant change of plans on our part, the noise of wood breaking; this game is so immersive (best water pun ever). The new IP from Rare (who raised from the abyss…OK OK, no more puns) is much harder than it looks. Driving the ship is pretty crazy since you need to take account of wind currents and sail levels. Any crew member can do any job so you can even switch roles if there is problems, like our driver falling out of the boat (yeah that’s a big possibility). When you are taking cannon shots you need to go below the deck to patch the holes before you sink since the water quickly fill the boat.

The overall experience is quite interesting. The game is a co-op title at heart so with the addition of looking for group it should be very easy to enjoy the experience. And if you have friends, it’s even better! You will be also able to play it on PC and Xbox One with Microsoft’s new ”play everywhere” feature. So no excuses; be the pirate you want to be!

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