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E3 2016: Battlefield 1 Hands-On Experience

The first World War is not often the war that we hear about. Movies, Documentaries and even in games we often talk about the second war.

Maybe because it’s closer to us or maybe the horrors were ”bigger”. If you actually think about it the first War was way more brutal than the first one, with its bayonets, flamethrowers and planes crashing here and there, it was a mess. The newest Battlefield is the essence of the war, it’s messier, but in the good way!

We played the sixty-four battleground demo at the EA booth and it was really chaotic. The map is called The St.Quentin Scar in Northern France and the game type we played was conquest. Planes doing dog fights, tanks destroying the buildings and soldiers on the ground shooting everything in sight. As always the shooting is very precise.


You have a variety of guns and loadouts; you can also change your class between Assault, Support, Medic and Scouts since they all play very differently on the battlefield. You got the Assault class which is really good at dealing with tanks because of their explosives gadgets and you can take on enemy soldiers with powerful melee attacks. The support have a higher rate of shooting with their gun at a close to medium range and they can also provide other teammates fresh ammo when they run out. There is also the Medic if you like the healing type and they don’t just heal people; they can heal tanks (it’s actually called repairing, I know) and they are also good at medium range to defend their squad(so you don’t have to heal everyone). The last one is the Scout which as their name tells us are good to check out the map with their sniper rifles, they are the stealthiest class.

When all that is done you can also become a Pilot or a Tanker and help your team in the air via airplanes or on the ground with a powerful tank. You can also call upon a big airship called the Behemoth to rain down bombs on the enemy team.


You’ll be able to ride horses at some point

The game as for now is really steady. I haven’t seen a single frame rate drop even if we were so many on the map. The map is pretty huge, I lost my squad multiple times and came into enemy territories. The mini-map is helpful and the UI will tell you (literally) what objectives are being captured,lost or taken as the battle rages on.

To be totally transparent, I’m not a big shooter fan. Not because I don’t enjoy them, just because I’m not that competitive so I’m not looking to have the most headshots, the most base captured or points received. In my noobie experience I realized that you are not a bullet sponge. Good player can kill you in two or three shots and even a beginner like me can get kills without too much efforts. From my experience playing the game I would say the game (or at least this mode) is more oriented for fans of the franchise. Or at least fan of shooters.

It’s refreshing to see another setting other than WW2 or ”generic space station” for shooters. The setting, more brutal and dirtier without being a gorefest. There will be a beta soon this summer for this game so be sure to pick it up when it comes out and see you on the ground recruit!

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