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E3 2018 (HANDS-ON): Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori is back in a new adventure

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the new iteration of the Ori series. It is a direct sequel to the Blind Forest and invites us in yet another beautiful adventure.

Ori and the Blind Forest brought me a lot of joy and touched me on an emotional level. The gorgeous visuals, impeccable level designs and immersive storytelling were high up on the latter. Overall, the game offers such an experience that it was the game of the year in my opinion.


A Breathtaking Game

While at Xbox, I was able to get a hands-on experience with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. After a 30-minute demo, I must admit that I was quite impressed. Our hero, Ori, goes on a new adventure and this time, equipped with cooler skills. In the build, I found myself solving puzzles deep within lost sands.

From the get-go, Will of the Wisps, like the Blind Forest, looks gorgeous. There is a lot going on visually, but it all feels like a painting. All the colors, details and elements are represented clearly and mix in together like a charm. It is difficult to find any faults in that aspect. The mood is set from the colors chosen and when things are high, it is bright and very colorful. However, when things turn for the worst, a darker tone is used, and the mood is set accordingly.

Something I would like to point out are the particle effects. For example, when bursting out from sand, something I will talk about in detail later, the sand reacts accordingly. Also, there are some locations where you can see sand dropping down to the ground. If you look closely, you can practically see every grain.


Ori Stronger Than Ever

In this Metroidvania title, Ori has a lot of new locations to explore and tons of challenging puzzles and obstacles to go over. To achieve this, you will need to you be crisp with your movements, develop your reflexes, and master your skills. As the protector of the forest, it is your obligation to become stronger.

Will of the Wisps offers a solid gameplay that forces you to use both offensive and defensive skills to complete puzzles. For example, you can take down enemies using a spirit bow, slash through them and more. You can dash and use a ‘grapple’ to reach specific marked locations. This hook can also be used to close the gap on certain enemies, putting you in range for a slash kill.

In this demo, I’ve unlocked Burrow, a brand-new technique, and mechanic that takes Ori to new places. Basically, Burrow allows you to dig in sand and move around like a drill through it. What is interesting about that is that you can also use it to launch yourself in a certain direction. You can reach spots located higher than you can jump with Burrow, so never rule it out.

Abilities can also be upgraded! As you play along, Ori becomes stronger, making it easier for you to protect what you love.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps is scheduled for release next year. Make sure you stay tuned as we share more information about this beautiful title.

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