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E3 2017 Preview: Super Mario Odyssey – When A Hat Can Show You The World

One of the mos anticipated titles to ever grace the E3 showfloor this year is no doubt Mario’s latest title: Super Mario Odyssey. This exclusive has wowed many gamers and us included!

Super Mario Odyssey is Mario’s big entry to the Nintendo Switch platform and he is bringing yet another impressive adventure. This game has been introduced as the game that will do to the franchise the same that Breath of the Wild did to the Zelda franchise. Of course, one must ask themselves how and why does this title somehow impress so many people in so little time? This is why we are here to share what we played at this year’s E3. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Mario is back and he has a new companion in the form of a charming hat. Indeed, Mario’s cap is now possessed by a little ghost named Cappie and with it, Mario has gained a very neat capture ability. With just a throw, Mario can now become the object Cappie lands on. The Jumpman can become anything including but not limited to a Bullet Bill, a Goomba, a pole, a taxi cab, a human, a T-Rex and much more. It is crazy how useful Cappie is. He can also be thrown in a circular motion to collect goodies and attack enemies. It’s like an all-purpose boomerang! Cappie will no doubt go up there with Mario’s most useful sidekicks. (I’m looking at you FLUDD.)

Mario is not the only one who is sporting some new headwear of course. Bowser who seems to have captured Princess Peach yet again seems to be dressed quite snazzily. With some new rabbit henchmen, Mario has a brand new quest to travel different worlds to find his Princess. Of course, the plot is pretty general as Mario games go but the really impressive parts of Mario Odyssey is by far the gameplay and visuals. Seeing Mario in such detail is a first and the way every world is looking vibrant is reminiscent of Super Mario 64 while still offering us a brand new experience. Like past 3D Mario games, there are secrets hidden every now and then. Of course, Mario gets to collect coins but some levels also have their own currency such as New Donk City.

In a world as big as this, Mario is will have to climb and jump his way through it all to explore. Running around New Donk City will no doubt be one of the funnest things to do since Mario can jump to any building and even falling from so high doesn’t damage him either. So jump off any building to your heart’s content! Besides running around aimlessly, there are actual missions to complete in Mario Odyssey. This is how you progress through the game. They can be tackled in whatever means the player chooses, but a handful of them must be cleared in order to unlock more levels and content. So don’t get sidetracked for too long! (or do, it’s up to you!)

Super Mario Odyssey is expansive and a much-needed breath of fresh air for the Mario franchise. Nintendo needed to return to the roots of 3D Mario and build something like this. One of the main reasons I feel this game has already made so much noise by the people who tried it is that this game delivers that same feeling butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling we all had when we played Super Mario 64 for the first time. The game is big and it is actually a big challenging so there is no doubt this will offer some hours and hours of entertainment to whoever plays it.

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