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Next Xbox One Elite Controller Might Have More Detachable Parts

Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller was designed to offer players a competitive edge; the first model was quite a device.

When Microsoft unveiled the first Xbox One Elite Controller, I had nothing but pleasure testing it. The device was solid, precise, and offered customizable features that really gives you an advantage over other players using the classic controller. Whether it was used for racing, fighting or shooting, the controller proved to be quite a heavy set of gear. Once you played with it, it was hard to want to switch back!

Just like most successful devices out there, it isn’t unlikely that a new model gets developed. New features are always the bread and butter for selling a product to customers – it is difficult to prove otherwise.

That said, a new patent was unveiled, one for a new Xbox One Elite Controller. The information listed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirms Microsoft as being the one who issued the filing. Originally, it was filed in March for a “game controller with removal trigger accessory”, but was only published recently, on December 15.

“The present disclosure is directed to a customizable game controller that includes one or more differently configured trigger-type controls that can be swapped out in a tool-free manner.”

“For example, differently configured removable trigger accessories may have different sizes, materials, ranges of motion, spring tensions, pull weights, and/or finger positions. In one example, such a configuration facilitates the use of differently configured removable trigger accessories that are customized for particular types of video games.”

The patent in question goes over numerous trigger accessories using a “magnetic attraction”, similar to that of the current Xbox One Elite Controller model. Additionally, the application featured a few drawings showing off different trigger designs and how the detachment would work.

If you could change something on the Xbox Elite Controller, what would it be?

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