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Need for Speed Payback Revealed – A New Trailer Unveiled

Developer Ghost Games and Publisher EA announced earlier today the new Need for Speed title lined up for 2017, Need for Speed Payback.

I love racing games and for me, the Need for Speed series has a special place in my heart. Since Carbon, the series failed to reach out to me, but fans loved them. With every title, Ghost Games, who are now in charge of the series development, has been improving its quality. Now, a new Need for Speed has been announced and I am curious to see how it will fair against the other racing games out there.

Need for Speed Payback feels like a Fast and Furious movie – well at least that is the impression that I am getting from the reveal trailer showcased above. The story takes place in Fortune Valley and, unlike any other NFS game, Need for Speed Payback puts you in the shoes of three separate characters. Their goal is the same, go against The House, “a local criminal cartel” ruling over the city. The House has an influence over the city’s casinos and crooks. Even cops are corrupted and follow The House’s bidding.

The fun part about Need for Speed isn’t solely the driving or the simplistic story; the best part lies in customization. As a street racer at heart, I love to take long hours making my ride – I always tend to purchase the Mitsubishi Evo – look dope. Sometimes, I even buy a second one in game and make it look like a mirror copy of the Lancer Evolution VII (2002) featured in 2 Fast 2 Furious – the one driven by Brian O’Conner.

For Need for Speed Payback, Ghost promises “the deepest customization in the series to date”, reports IGN.  If they manage to deliver on that promise, I for one will be looking forward to see just how deep it actually goes.

“Need for Speed returns this year to challenge what players expect from racing games. We’re still delivering everything our fans love about the franchise – the deepest customisation, an impressive roster of cars, intense races and open world pursuits – but with Need for Speed Payback, we’re bringing together all those elements in an all new blockbuster driving experience. From the story, to the different characters you can drive as, to the varied missions, to the edge-of-your-seat moments, this is our vision for what action driving entertainment means today.” – Marcus Nilsson, Need for Speed Payback executive producer.

Need for Speed Payback is scheduled for release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 10, 2017. The game should be playable during E3, so make sure you keep an eye out for my impressions on this new racing title.

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