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Million Dollard Halo Tournaments Don’t Always Take Place In Million Dollar Venues

This weekend, the awaited 2017 Halo World Championship event took place and as it turns out, it was crushed by the fans and social media followers alike.

How can a million-dollar tournament end up in such as disastrous position? The prize pool was high and all, but unfortunately, the venue in which everything took place had nothing Halo-y about it. Twitter user Jack Frierson (@NVT_Vandy) posted an interesting picture comparing the venues of the 2016 event with the one that took place this past weekend. Fun fact, the one from 2016 took place in Raleigh Studio Hollywood and had a prize pool of over $2,500,000.


The world championship tournament was organized by the ESL and took place at the ESL America Campus lot instead of a fancy venue. Naturally, the company commented on fans disapproval for the venue choice, claiming that the ESL America Campus was a last resort. The preferred location was unfortunately unavailable – ESL said they couldn’t secure it on time. At the time the official venue was unveiled, fans began to share their discontent. “EU qualifiers gets Wembley and you’re putting the actual Worlds event in a studio on the west coast,” commented a follower.

Now, it is crucial to mention that the picture that was shared in the Twitter post above was taken in between matches, when there was no actual gameplay being showcased. In defense to the event, Greenskull @ #HaloWC (@Greeskull) twitter user posted some other pictures, showing off that there were a lot more people than we could calculate with the pic above.

So the venue wasn’t all that! Sometimes, you can’t blame them when things don’t go as planned; they did try to make up for having it at a remote location. However, Pro Player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (Luminosity Team) tweeted that when came time for lunch time, players had to wait in line as the event staff and fire marshals get their grub on. Players here are the core of the event and should have been fed prior, at the very least before the staff.

All the negative comments towards the championship event stacked up and overall, drove it down to the ground. It doesn’t mean that there is a million-dollar prize pool that the venue will reflect it. However, the service and accommodation, in my opinion, should have compensated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that was the case. Hopefully, the ESL will learn from this mistake and follow up next year with a better organization.

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