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Rhode Island’s 38 Studios Auction

After the city of Rhode Island won the case against 38 Studios, it has been decided that the company’s assets will be sold at an auction. The auction in question will take place in Maryland on October 16th and in Rhode Island on the 23rd. However, Microsoft had to interfere!

It seems like Xbox 360 Development Kits (XDK) are going to be auctioned by the city. Although they have the legal right to sell 38 Studios assets, Microsoft has expressely claimed its rights on its development kits.

Xbox 360 Development Kits (XDK) are the property of Microsoft and are only licensed to authorized studios and may not be assigned or sold to any third party without the written consent of Microsoft,” stated Microsoft. “We will be contacting the appropriate parties involved in the auction of 38 Studios’ assets to remove the XDK units from the auction listing and to secure the return of the consoles to Microsoft.”

Since the big M still technically owns these Development Kits, I sure hope that they will be able to get their hands on them before it’s too late. Stay tuned!

PS: If you wish to get your hands on 38 Studios equipments, consoles, video game library and more, then participate in the auction.

XBOX 360 News

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