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Scizor Revealed for Pokken Tournament

Today, Bandai Namco has finally revealed the next fighter to join Pokken Tournament. Get ready for the claw master as Scizor joins the fight!

A new reveal trailer was posted onto the Bandai Namco YouTube channel. His trailer shows many of his moves and I will be diving in details based on the trailer. Of course, Scizor does transform into Mega Scizor in Synergy Burst and his Burst Move is shown at the end of the trailer. Without further ado, enjoy Scizor in all his glory.

Unfortunately, just  like Darkrai, Scizor has only been confirmed for the arcade version of the game, which is only in Japan. There are no plans for DLC support for the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament and that means that we may not see these characters in the West at all. It is a shame to say the least. However, there is the little comfort to know that Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon were seen in Wii U patch files. So, who knows?

This new and favorite Pokemon will be hitting he arcade version starting October 20th. Now, let us talk about his moves. In the trailer, the notable Pokemon moves seen are Metal Claw, Bullet Punch, Sword Dance, X-Scissor and Signal Beam (or Pin Missile). There is also a combo that lead to a grab which might be Leech Life. His aerial dash attack could also be Steel Wing and it was followed by either Metal Claw or Metal Burst. His long range shots that he fires is no doubt Gear Grind.


It is always refreshing trying to make out what Pokemon moves were used to be part of the character’s kit. As the first Bug Pokemon introduced in the game, Scizor brings in a unique style that can debuff the enemy while hitting them with strong attacks coming from his Steel typing.

Here’s hoping we do get these extra fighters in Pokken Tournament!

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