Vermintide 2 Patch 1.0.5 – Big Changes to Progression

Hero power scaling, classes and weapon effectiveness are altered by Fatshark in the latest patch.

Yesterday, Fatshark implemented patch 1.0.5 for Vermintide 2. Amongst other things, the patch attempts to balance player progression and reinforce close-range combat.

Changes to progression

For starters, patch 1.0.5 now makes it possible for players to acquire gear up to power level 300 in Veteran runs. This is, in their words, meant to reinforce the fact that the Champion and Legend difficulties are meant to “really test the limits of players”.

However, the patch also changes player progression broadly within all difficulties.  Fatshark specifies that:

  1. On Champion and Legendary, Hero power isn’t capped.
  2. On Recruit, Hero Power above 200 will be subject to scaling. Hero Power between 200 and 600 will be interpolated toward a maximum of 300.
  3. On Veteran, Hero Power between 400 and 600 will be interpolated toward 500.

Combat and encounters

However, that isn’t all. The patch also implements some big changes in the way players will approach certain encounters. Cleave damage has, for one, been reduced from a 3.5 scaling to 3. On Champion and Legend difficulty the “director” will also spawn fewer specials and hordes while players are already fighting. It remains to be seen how such a change actually impacts these higher difficulties, particularly when the unpredictability of spawns and combat is what makes them so exhilarating.

Specific character changes

The patch also affects specific character sub-classes. Buffs primarily target those least played among higher ranking players. Among the more notable changes are:


Slayer: Major buff to dodge range, reduced max damage taken threshold and an increased passive buff duration to 5 seconds up from 3.


Huntsman: Scavenge 100% ammo from boss death, up from 30%. Ult cooldown reduced by 30 seconds and crit chance increased for most skills.


Handmaiden and Shade: alterations to dodge distance, a larger push/block angle on Handmaiden and a 60-second reduction on the Shade ult.


Zealot: Max damage taken threshold decreased by 5 points, and increased damage reduction by 10%.


Unchained: Increased push and block angle by 20%, increased venting damage reduction by 25% and vent rate by 25%.

Overall, these changes strengthen the less popular tanking sub-classes for characters. This ties into overall attempts by Fatshark to promote melee combat at higher difficulties.

Weapon Changes

Lastly, these character buffs come hand-in-hand with changes to specific weapon effectiveness. While it would be best to check the full patch notes for all details on these changes, here’s a TL;DR:

  1. Dual wielded weapons have increased headshot multiplier.
  2. Stagger and cleave thresholds on Legend now match those on Champion.
  3. Reduced friendly fire multiplier.
  4. Some weapons have had their hitboxes altered, including Sienna’s Mace and Kerillian’s Elven Spear.

Patch 1.0.5 promises a lot for players hoping to dig their teeth into harder difficulties while playing solo. However, the changes to progression and the alteration to enemy spawns might rub veterans the wrong way. The divide between those who do or don’t appreciate Vermintide’s harshness continues to grow.


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