Vampyr Pre-Orders Will Get Vinyl Bonus

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The French company DONTNOD, who developed the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange, is releasing their new game Vampyr on June 5th. By pre-ordering your copy, you will get an exclusive vinyl bonus.

This bonus content comprises the Vinyl Sountrack of the game. If you like original soundtracks, you will be in for a treat because the Vampyr OST was composed by Olivier Deriviere, winner of an IFMCA award and BAFTA nominee. He is the composer behind the soundtracks for games such as Alone in the Dark, Remember Me and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Freedom Cry.

As stated in DONTNOD’s tweet, the preorder applies to selected retailers according to the territory: France (Micromania), Nordics (GameStop), Spain (GAME), Benelux (Game Mania), Poland (Empik), Australia (JB HI-FI) and Portugal (FNAC).

For those of you who haven’t heard of Vampyr, it is an action-RPG set in Victorian London. You play the vampire John Reid, a doctor who unfortunately met his demise in the form of vampirism. As a blood-thirsty creature, he must now decide how unwavering his morals and ethics are and whether he will feed on humans or not. If we base ourselves on Life Is Strange, this new title should be a heavily narrative experience littered with tough choices and ethical predicaments like his predecessor. While we do not play as an introverted teenage girl caught up in the mystery of a girl disappearance this time around, the fact that we are a doctor under the Hippocratic Oath should bring its share of angst and heartbreak.

“Take Blood. Save a life.”

In the meantime, the developers created a webseries of 4 episodes to discuss the development of the game from the creation of this 1918 Spanish flu-ridden London to the crafting of the story and characters. You can find the series here.

Vampyr comes out on June 5th for PS4, Xbox One or PC. Prepare your stakes and garlic!


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