Vampyr “Hard” and “Story” Modes Coming Later This Summer!

The night grows darker than ever...sounds fun!

DONTNOD Entertainment has a big surprise for fans of their recently released Gothic adventure game, Vampyr. While many fans of the game were happy with the high difficulty of the game, others lamented it. Many were torn between a desire to experience third-person, grueling combat, and the social encounters and decision-making which is central to the game.

For the uninitiated, Vampyr revolves around professor Jonathan Reid, who very early-on contracts a nasty case of vampirism. The trick is, Mr. Reid also happens to be a doctor in a Spanish-flu infested London. Set in 1918, the returning war veteran must grapple with his condition while trying to navigate vampire and street politics. While Dr. Reid can opt to help the downtrodden, it’s also important to note that feasting on them increases your power greatly. In theory, the game was meant to depend on those decisions. In reality however, EXP could be farmed rather easily from combat encounters. Any gamer experienced in the genre could cap out by the end of the game to the point of rendering many enemies obsolete. That’s the situation DONTNOD is hoping to eliminate with the addition of a Hard mode.

Hard Mode: In their own words, the mode will make combat much more difficult. This will mean less experience form killing enemies, which means a greater emphasis on “embracing” citizens to grow in power.

Story Mode: Story mode, like those implemented in other games, will take the emphasis off combat. Those who wish to explore the desolate streets of 1918 London without real fear of death will be free to.

Along with these new game modes, Vampyr will receive a good amount If you’re looking to sink your teeth into either of these game modes, but have yet to buy the game, DONTNOD will be celebrating the update with a 25% discount on PS4 and PC.

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