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The Forge Arena: Reinventing the Wheel

A modern look on classics

Developed in our own Montreal backyard, The Forge Arena takes serious FPS players in a refined, yet familiar entourage.

Counter-Strike Meets Halo

Brought to our screens by independent developer Freezing Racoon, The Forge Arena is a first-person shooter title set to put players on their toes. Its tactical background and competitive game mode pin up to 24 players in an engaging arena.

“Our core game mode consists of creating an explosive device by capturing a central spot in the map. The team that managed to capture the device now becomes the attacking team for the remainder of the round and they must activate it at specific sites in order to gain the maximum of points for the round.” – Game Designer and Chief Marketing Officer Phil Rich


In an article published by RDS writer Alexis le Marec, the game is heavily compared to Counter-Strike, the veteran of shooters. In my opinion, I agree with the claim, but would also like to back what online comments are saying; The Forge Arena looks a lot like a mix between Counter-Strike and Halo. Looking at some gameplay, it is undeniable that there is an influence from both classics. However, will that be enough to engage players in a similar way or does The Forge Arena offer something more?

Speaking with Rich, we learned a little more about the companies plan on taking the game to its eSports debut.


Skills to be Rewarded

Our ambitions regarding eSports are mostly related to the fact that we are creating a game mode and a scoring system that can be similar to the common grounds of any sports. We came up with a concept that you can showcase to future fans as well as people that are having a first contact with our game.

We pretty much summed it up to “if you can’t explain to someone what the core of the gameplay is all about in less than 10 seconds, then your potential viewers will probably not generate interest in such a sport”. So we created a game that is relatively simple but provides intense and competitive game play.

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While the game will be available as a beta for a minimum of three months, Freezing Raccoon plans on organizing the first-ever prize pool event at DreamHack Canada. Depending on the game’s deployment, the prize pool will vary between 50K to 150K confirms Rich.


In-Client Trading System

An interesting feature to mention about The Forge Arena would be the trading system. In this title, players can acquire various skins. Customizing your weapons has often been a way to show prestige. Thanks to the in-house client, users will be able to purchase, trade, and also sell skins. An “upcoming exclusive marketplace” is also in the works.

“There are limited edition skins for players who have pre-bought the game as well as some of our partners”, explains Rich. There is no say on how many skins or what their real-life value will be, but rest assured that all special and limited edition one are bound to go up in value as the game gains popularity and players.

As for as it goes in terms of loot boxes, the developer confirms that “there are absolutely no loot boxes in this game”. You get to choose which skins you want to purchase.

For a personal interaction with the mode and ultimately with the game itself, the BETA opens later today at 3:00 PM EST.

For more information about The Forge Arena, feel free to visit the official website at or send them a line on Facebook.


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