The Bonus Stage At Dawson

The Bonus Stage: A Free 101 Gaming Talk to Local Students

Want to learn more about the video game industry? Local indie developers and professionals in the industry have been offering a new program for students: The Bonus Stage.

Montreal is an undisputable hub for everything video games. We have AAA developers and publishers, talented indie developers, professional events that cater to both consumers and businesses, and more. Certain schools, as well as the government, have shown their support – this has been growing very well over the past few years. The industry has been on a continuous incline and we mainly have the indie developers to thank.

The Bonus Stage Chris

Chris Day (Middle)

What is The Bonus Stage?

Although it is still a young program soon running its second iteration, it has greatly impacted the local scene here in Montreal.

“The Bonus Stage is a monthly presentation given by professionals in the game industry who want to share their knowledge, secret techniques, and experience. Each month a new topic is explored, making The Bonus Stage the place to be if you want to learn about Design, Art, Programming, or the Business side of making games,” explains Chris Day, co-founder and organizer of The Bonus Stage, and game developer at Hyroglyphik Games.

The idea is to bring important names from the industry and have them talk about certain topics, a little like how Master Classes work.

For the month of January, The Bonus Stage will invite Stephanie Bouchard with her talk Pre-Production Guerrila Style. More information can be found on the official Facebook page.  At the current moment, the program is free and available to all who are interested – it takes place at Dawson, a college located in downtown Montreal.

“We created The Bonus Stage to give students an accessible place to learn about the complexity behind making games. We were lucky enough to have mentors help us on our dev journey and we want to give back by creating a free place where anyone can come and learn. As we expand and our community prospers, we aim to eventually provide Master Classes for those looking for deeper knowledge.”




The Bonus Stage brings an interesting array of classes to students and others who which to become – or already are – professionals in the gaming industry. Whether it be in development, management or any of the wide variety of domains it links to, The Bonus Stage has a huge potential for growth; it is already attracting many students.

Stay tuned as we uncover more behind the scenes gaming in Montreal!


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