TERA’s console player count hits 2 million

A successful launch will be supported by upcoming free content.

It’s not an easy world for MMO’s, that much is common knowledge. Many ambitious titles have seen their player bases snuffed out by a lack of regular content, lack of balance support or just plain lack of interest. It doesn’t help that the genre is dominated by an unwavering titan since 2004. MMO enthusiasts have had very few breakout titles over the years.

The Action Combat MMO by excellence

En Masse Entertainment’s TERA was hailed as one such game when it was released in North America in May 2012.The game flaunted not only breathtaking visuals, but an action based combat system which sought to do away with the traditional MMO formula. Targeting wasn’t automatic, and skills had hit boxes attached to them. While this system was subsequently picked up by bigger studios over the years, TERA was the first to really embrace it.

Which is why it was a shame to see the game’s player base eventually be wound down by the inevitable grinding. While balance changes were made over the years, much of TERA‘s original appeal was lost due to the end of a significant end game. However, it’s safe to say that much has changed in the past 6 years. The game went Free-to-play in February of 2013, embracing a cosmetics system like so many other MMO’s have. Then, in April 2018, it made the big leap to consoles by releasing on PS4 and Xbox One.

This explains why En Masse Entertainment was so happy to announce their current player base on consoles has now hit a whopping two million.

A number worth celebrating…for PlayStation fans

Alongside this milestone announcement, En Masse Entertainment has also revealed benefits for PlayStation Plus members. Indeed, subscribers will gain access to a unique TERA PS Plus Pack, via an exclusive promotion that runs from May 15 through June 12.

This exclusive PS Plus Pack will feature:

  • Shadowmare: A spectral horse mount.
  • Blue Baseball Cap: A unique head gear to celebrate the summer with.
  • 15 Days of TERA Elite Status: This provides the player with two weeks of double XP, double gold from quests and monsters, fast travel, daily gift boxes, and much more!

This means that if you haven’t tried TERA already, now’s the time to do so. Particularly if you’re playing on Sony’s platform.

TERA  thus continues to expand within the console MMO space. While players have already seen two major content updates, Ruinous Manor and Corsairs’ Stronghold, En Masse Entertainment promises much more. Indeed, more hot content is slated to come for free this summer! With such an abundance of free content, players can expect a healthy dose of distraction within the wonderfully dangerous exiled realm of Arborea.

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