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The PlayStation NEO Completely Misunderstood

Recently, gaming giant Sony spoke of a new machine that would surpass the PlayStation 4 in terms of power and visual fidelity. Dubbed NEO, or PlayStation 4.5 and 4K by the public, this new PlayStation console promises better performances and a 4K resolution support.

The stat increases are interesting – an extra 0.5GHz on CPU, 111MHz and double the CUs on an improved AMD GPU, and a boost from 176 to 218 GB/s in terms of memory. It might seem like little on paper, but the improvement guarantee a more enjoyable gaming experience when compared to the classic PlayStation 4.

As details began to reveal themselves on the web, so are opinion pieces on the matter. The community, critics and fans alike, have every right to share their opinion on the subject at hand. However, I would like to address my own in regards to those who claim that the PlayStation NEO will make the original PlayStation 4 console irrelevant, as well as how we should greet it.


Not the first time we see an upgrade

Consoles upgrade are not new to this industry. Whether it’s to offer a new design, bigger hard drive memory, or even larger screens, companies have often modified their products – for better of for worst. In the past years, we have seen, for example, Sony upgrade the PlayStation Portable to the VITA – the VITA is part of a new generation. Although sales supported the change, the product itself suffered from a personality disorder and ended up being poorly compared to the PSP by players, fans and critics. Another example of an upgrade, is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 series. In total, there were three models: the classic Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 S, and the Xbox 360 E. Although the machine is pretty much the same, there are some differences. For instance, the classic was well-known for having the Ring of Death problem. The later model, the S, would correct that and improve certain aspect of the machine.

The changes that were brought to these machines were necessary for various reasons. Whether to fix a major functionality issue, or even to reduce power consumption and noise output, these redesigns were supported by fans – the company often offer some kind of exchange deal to make it easy on wallets. Regardless, rarely did the new version make the older model irrelevant.


You have a choice

At the end of the day, you are the one making the shots. The PlayStation 4 and NEO will be two products by Sony, but when you look at it logically, there can’t be any game developed solely for NEO. For a marketing perspective, that would eventually cut the clientele in two, and Sony declared that this is the last thing that they wish to do. Another reason as too why the PS4 won’t become irrelevant following the release of NEO is due to the fact that only a very small portion of the population actually own and use a 4K television. Finally, the PS4 still has quite a line-up of games scheduled.

In my opinion, the NEO should be compared to the PS4 the same way you would compare the 3DS to the 3DS XL (not the New 3DS XL). Both products are relatively the same, but offer a little more power in order to support a better visual experience and fidelity. In practicality, they would operate the same.

Do you agree with me that the NEO won’t be as much of a big deal over the current PS4? What are your expectations from Sony’s new line of gaming consoles? Feel free to comment in the section below!

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