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Pokemon GO is Like World of Warcraft Says Dev

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs commented on the hardships they faced this summer.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Niantic Labs’ chief marketing officer Mike Quigley talked about the game’s future, how does it fair on the market, and what happened this summer. As you may recall, especially if you were playing the game yourself, Pokemon GO had a lot of its features blocked or modified. For example, the tracking system was abolished due to server issues. Basically, it was completely removed to stabilize the game – all of that to ensure that the players can log in and enjoy the core product.

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“We were overwhelmed by how [Pokemon Go] took off. The success of the product caught us out of position in a couple of areas. The summer was quite painful – no one slept much.”

Removing important key features from a game is a massive decision. How will the players react? In Pokemon GO’s case, the fans expressed their discontent, but still supported the game nonetheless.

“[The apps] were just crushing us on the server side,” said Quigley. “You’ve got to keep fans happy but you also have to keep the core product accessible.”

Out of all the games out there, Quigley compared Pokemon GO to Blizzard’s all-time favorite World of Warcraft title.

“I think our lifespan and curve may be quite different from a free-to-play mobile game – it may be more in a Warcraft vein. We are more an MMO than anything else. Every two weeks there’s new content or bug fixes going in the gme. There’s key content releases we’re planning.”

I am a serious World of Warcraft player and although I agree with the fact that they are keeping the game bug free with patches, updates, and offering players in-game events, I do not approve with the fact that Niantic is comparing themselves to a game that has been doing maintenance and updates continuously for years…after only being online for a few weeks. If in a year they remain constant, then I would understand and support the comparison.

It was leaked on Reddit that 100 new Pokemon will be added to the mobile game. As for the famous Ditto search, “stay tuned”, said Quigley.

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