Star Wars Battlefront II: The Empire’s Time Has Come

What is it like working for the Empire? In Star Wars, we get a clear idea coming from the Rebellion, but what about the other side? Star Wars Battlefront II takes you on that journey and shows you a different perspective.

Having worked alongside Lucasfilm, the developers at Electronic Arts, Motive, Criterion, and Dice each pitched in to make this new Star Wars adventure. The multiplayer aspect worked on by DICE, pins the player on very exciting maps that require a team effort. During E3 2017, we have tested the multiplayer mode and from the get-go, it was quite satisfying. The Arcade and Starfighter modes were worked on by Criterion. Finally, the campaign, the bread and butter of this new title, was brought to you by Motive.


This “new perspective” I am focusing so much about mainly involves the campaign. Normally, the first-person shooter tends to cater to the multiplayer aspect first and the campaign second – I see this mainly in games from series like Call of Duty. This time, Star Wars Battlefront II as a lot more to offer in its story mode. Having worked alongside Lucasfilm, this Star Wars game is to be considered as “canon” for a few reasons; it was all approved by Lucasfilm and takes place within the 30-year gap created by the movies.

New Single Player Trailer

The Empire’s Perspective – The Fantasy of a Soldier

Back at Motive’s studios, I could get my hands on the first three missions of the game. The story starts with Iden Versio, commander of the Inferno Squad, a special forces unit created by the Empire. She was taken in by the Rebellion as a prisoner. As the main protagonist, you will take on her shoes and work for the Empire. As a special forces commander, you have the knowledge and tools to get out of some of the most troublesome situations.

The main gameplay captures the three fantasies of a soldier: Trooper, Pilot, and Hero. As Iden, you will experience all three in an adventure unlike any other. Also, as the player in charge of the controls, you are free to choose from three viewpoints, left angle third-person shooter, right angle third-person shooter, or first-person shooter view. The gameplay adapts well to all three. Additionally, Iden comes equipped with a very handy ID10 personal druid. It is useful to stun enemies for stealthy approaches and scan enemies to reveal their positions.

star wars battlefront II Satelitte

Star Wars Battlefront II will offer players four main game modes, but I do urge you to play the campaign. If you are a fan of the series, it will answer a lot of questions and, being canon and all will give you more insight on the Empire, their goals, and what really happens behind the scenes. Iden was chosen to represent the three fantasies of a soldier, and from the get-go, you are aware of her competence and expertise.

If you are not a fan of the series or don’t know much about it, it is a captivating story nonetheless.

Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled for release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting November 17th, 2017.


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