Skull & Bones Release Date

Skull & Bones Release Date Announced

During Ubiday earlier today, the Skull & Bones release date was unveiled.

Skull & Bones, one of the most anticipated Ubisoft games is set for release in 2018. That much we know. However, today, during Ubiday, we learned that the official release date will be sometime around Autumn 2018. This isn’t a clear indication as to when Skull & Bones will be out, but it is a little better than having a year-wide window.

Skull & Bones is a naval battle title, a new IP, that features an interesting 5 versus 5 PVP mode. The IMGMR had the opportunity to play the game at E3 earlier this summer. It was indeed an interesting game to play and with huge online potential. Some of the key features include:

  • Choosing your captain, picking up your crew and building deadly ships
  • Fight for supremacy in Disputed Waters across various game modes
  • Plunder rich routes on shared open world seas
  • Destroy your enemies with weapons, and track them down using spyglasses and the winds
  • Raid Hunting Grounds

I am very excited to get another hand on with Skull & Bones. If executed properly, I feel as though this title will become a new addition to eSports. Will it last as long as the top MOBA games we see on Twitch and YouTube? That is what I can’t wait to find out!

If you wish to participate in the beta, you may do so by following this link!


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