Sea of Thieves: 4 is the “Magic Number”

Sea of Thieves has just gone through an extensive beta testing phase; players had the opportunity to give the game a go and live the experience we had during E3.

While playing the beta, a lot of fans have requested and asked about the possibility of having ships with a maximum crew size of over four. In Sea of Thieves, the maximum number of members you can have on a single ship is four and some recommended 6, 8 and even 10 players.

Speaking with lead designer Mike Chapman, IGN came to the bottom of this question following their interview.

“The biggest ship was designed for four. We’ve looked at feedback and of course there’s people who want an 8-player ship, a 10-player ship. The thinking there, as with everything in this game, is really intentful.” – Mike Chapman

Chapman then goes on to explain the reason why four was the perfect number here using a real life comparison.

“If the two of use were to go out to the pub together with two other friends, you’ve got that intimate relationship, you’re all getting on together. If it becomes six or eight people, you start getting people splintering off and it’s really hard to communicate – four seems like the magic number.” – Mike Chapman

In Sea of Thieves, communication is crucial to the survival of the team and the well-being of the ship’s vibe. If you have one dude just wander off on his own, then you lose that communication synergy and the rest of the crew might not resist the urge to break away as well. I have personally tested that a couple of times during various playthroughs.

Being a ‘live’ game, a possibility for change might occur.

“Of course, we’re going to keep looking at this beyond launch. There may be other things we’ll do with ships in the future,” add Chapman.

Sea of Thieves is scheduled for launch on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms on March 20, 2018.

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