Salt and Sanctuary Announced for Nintendo Switch, Releases August 2nd

Time to die...on a portable console!

If you’re at all a Souls-like fan, chances are you’ve heard someone like me talk about Salt and Sanctuary. The brutal souls-like developed by Ska studios is a 2D homage to the genre and is addictive to boot. Having already been released on multiple consoles, PC and MAC OS, Salt & Sanctuary is looking to the Nintendo Switch next.

The porting will be handled by independent studio Blitworks who has previous experience porting games like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky 2. Now they turn their eye to S&S.

If you haven’t tried your hand at the game before, August 2nd will be the best time to do that. The story is reason enough to try the game out, as it begins in dramatic fashion. Based 0n a vague plot which has become typical of the genre, the player is shipwrecked on a lone beach as he attempts to broker a peace between two rival kingdoms. What started out as a diplomatic mission quickly turns into a struggle for survival.

Challenging bosses, 2D hand-drawn graphics. Sign me up.

Central to the player’s exploration of the land are moral decisions to join or refuse the power of the gods. These powers, in turn, determine how the player will interact with ‘sanctuaries’, the closest thing S&S has to bonfires. How you choose to decorate these safe havens, and which NPCs you choose to invite there will drastically alter your playthrough.

The brutal combat associated with the genre is very well adapted to 2D, being responsive and dynamic. Blocking and parrying are here despite the atypical art and presentation. Salt and Sanctuary also provides players with enough variety in armours and weapons to make different playthroughs possible. An aspect of the genre which is essential.

Jolly cooperation

It’s worth noting that the game can be played either solo or via local co-op. While the solo experience is quite difficult at the time, it’s rewarding as ever. Indeed, due to the 2D presentation, S&S expands on the typical traversal options available in 3D souls-like games. Air-dashing and wall-jumping are added to the typical rolls, so a lighter build will feel and play in very differently from a heavily armoured one.

While length is typically an issue in smaller studio souls-likes, S&S boasts 20 unique bosses which are (for the most part – can’t be perfect) engaging and unique. Death and repetition of encounters are central to the cycle of play, but it rarely feels unfair. Like other games in the genre, every swing drains stamina and leaves you vulnerable. Managing resources and optimizing your build is crucial to success.

Salt and Sanctuary will be available digitally for $17.99 USD for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Ska Studios is also excited to announce that Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition for Nintendo Switch will be coming to a retail store near you this holiday. More details will be announced soon.

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