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Vanquish & A Few Other Sega Games Leaked for PS4 Release!

Hot stuff going on today with a bunch of Sega published titles, including Vanquish, one of my all-time favorites, being leaked for release on Sony’s PS4 console.

Leaks often go in a gray area category when it comes to news. They sometimes start as a prank, but other times, proof back the claims and the alleged rumor ends up being legitimate. The same questions arose when we heard about the leaked Bayonetta and Vanquish games coming to PS4. Initially spotted by The PlayStation Brahs, an online media outlet, they claim that the two Platinum Games titles were listed together on UK website

Following the first leak, two new listing appeared on, and Estelacnesie. Unfortunately, all three links results are dead, meaning that the content was removed. However, thanks to The PlayStation Brahs, we were able to grab a picture of the listed items in question (below).

Vanquish and Bayonetta LeakAs per the screenshots, the listing states a “combination of two successful titles, hack and slash, futuristic shooter.” Also, the release date isn’t mentioned, but the window suggests a November 2017 release. If all of this is true, we will have two great games to play on PS4 this upcoming holiday season!

Digging deeper, the site also found more leaks to more games. Again, The PlayStation Brahs report leaks of a collection edition of Shenmue I and Shenmue II. In addition to all that hype, the Sega Megadrive Collection was also found listed; a nice cover art was provided by the outlet.

Sega Mega Drive Collection Box Art

I would love to see a remake or re-release version of Vanquish. It is also exciting to see that so many classics might make their way onto PS4 as well. Looking forward to hearing an official statement from Sony about these leaks!

Stay tuned as we keep you in the loop!

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