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Spider-Man Out In 2017 For Ps4

Sony revealed an exciting trailer for Spider-Man at E3, the game developed by Insomniac, makers of Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive, will be coming out exclusively on PS4. Marvel comes back at another attempt of the iconic Peter Parker after the rather deceiving The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2012. Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games creative director, commented on the decisions about going with Insomniac and Sony;

“…not only are they world class game developers that make phenomenal story-driven experiences, but they also craft games bursting with personality, humor and most importantly: fun…just like Spidey!…The Playstation 4 is one of the most exciting gaming platforms ever…they also have an amazing line-up of first party titles and a community of the most passionate players that we are thrilled to join.“


The game will have nothing to do with the new Spidey title coming in theater, Spider-Man: homecoming movie, it will be based of it’s own storyline. The developer mentioned that this new yet authentic story will follow a more combat experienced Peter Parker still fighting crime in New York City while maintaining balance between his crazy personality and his career. The trailer shows a brand-new costume design and Spider-man acrobatic stunts that we all love. For now we have very little info on the game, except that it will be an open world Spider-Man game, there’s no title or date but we know it’s coming in 2017. This project is definitely the biggest production of the developer and one of the biggest game from Marvel that has been in development for awhile now.

Insomniac recently stated on Twitter that all footage of the trailer was captured from the current PS4 and further more it was all in-engine footage from actual gameplay and not a cut scene. Aside from breathtaking graphics, gamers also will be able to enjoy new parkour experience, environment interaction and combat system.


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