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New Sony Patent Is A Handheld That Looks Like A Nintendo Switch?

A new Sony patent has been filed by the company on a new Switch-esque looking handhled. Could this be Sony’s response to Nintendo’s newest platform?Indeed, a new patent has been published by Sony Computer Entertainment and it looks oddly familiar. The company may be developing a PlayStation handheld once again and the design does indeed resemble Nintendo’s latest platform that is releasing exactly two weeks from today. NeoGAF user ponpo has noticed this patent getting published today, but this was filed by the company in 2015. During that time, talks about the Switch being a hybrid console was still rumor and speculation.

sony patent

Judging from the patent images, one cannot assume that the side controllers are detachable or not. However, the design on this patent does follow the Switch quite precisely: a tablet screen  and two controllers halves stationed on the sides. Of course, in this case, the controller halves, if put together, have the design of a Dual Shock 4 in mind. Although no confirmation can be found, the controller parts do look like they could be detached. For now, we must live with this lack of information, but speculation is always fun.

One thing one must keep in mind, this is only but a patent. Many patents get filed year after year and most products do not actually see the light of day. Who knows if Sony will actually go forward with this idea in the end? If they do, is this idea going to succeed the PlayStation Vita?

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