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Latest Hitman Will Take You to Marrakesh, Paris and Newly-Announced Sapienza

It seems that the latest Hitman game will take Agent 47 to multiple countries. From Morocco to France, prepare to drop into Italy as well!

Indeed, the game has been delayed until March 2016, but IO-Interactive have a trailer to present to us to keep our mouths shut… for the time being! Although the game still lacks a proper name, Hitman on PS4 will allow players to prepare silent and deadly kills from which the franchise is known for. Compared to its predecessor Hitman: Absolution, this new Hitman game will focus on a more open-world design which gives players the possibility to get creative with their approaches and really take advantage of Agent 47’s many tools.

In this trailer, IO-Interactive show off the beautiful Italian city of Sapienza in all its glory. With the switch to the sandbox-like map, Players will have the freedom to explore the city to their heart’s content. IO-Interactive have confirmed that every city is treated as a level and they will be around 6-7 times bigger than the maps in Hitman: Absolution. Furthermore, every map should have the capacity to run around 300 NPCs. Prepare to see a lot of faces in this next-gen Hitman.

[youtube id=”3MgRplCZypk” align=”center” maxwidth=”600″]

Hitman on PS4 will lose the checkpoint system that Absolution had in terms of saving your game. This time, players will have the liberty to save at any point in the game. Also, The game will feature Contracts Mode from the last game as well as simplified version of Instincts Mode, which also comes from Absolution.

Hitman on PlayStation 4 is set to release in March 2016 for now. Time will tell if that release window will remain or another delay will have to be put in place. Until then, let us know what makes you most excited about this new Hitman game. Feel to share in the comments below.

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