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Hideo Kojima: How He Feels About Metal Gear Solid Survival

Tokyo Game Show this weekend was a blast and the social media feedback is massive. Hideo Kojima was invited to the stage and the question was asked: was Metal Gear Solid Survive brought up by his idea?

The video above is a capture of Kojima-san on stage during Tokyo Game Show. All of the words and letters are live reactions from fans. Most of what you will see are “あああああああああ,” “wwwwwwwwwww” and “8888888888888.” In Japanese internet slang repeated “” and “w” represent laughter. “8”, on the other hand, stands for applause.

As you can see, when Kojima was asked about whether or not Metal Gear Solid Survive was a product that roots to his work and ideas, he dismisses it. Not only did the audience react favorably to his reply, but so did the followers online.

In short, he refers to the fact that Metal Gear Solid is a political fiction and espionage game first, which has nothing to do with zombies. The two are completely unrelated and on a personal, I find it brings shame to the Metal Gear Solid name to even feature something like that. Unfortunately, Kojima-san didn’t have a say.

This year Kojima-san was able to attend. Last year, he wasn’t even allowed to go on stage all because of the event involving Konami. As he entered the stage, he shouted “Tadaima”, which means “I’m back”!

At the moment, Kojima-san is working closely with Sony. At the same time, he is in the middle of developing his brand new IP, Death Stranding.

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