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Are You Up For The Super Rude Bear Resurrection Challenge?

Set for release on May 2nd for PlayStation 4 and on May 5th on Steam, Super Rude Bear Resurrection is the new Super Meat Boy on the street.

Developed by a Manchester-based game studio called Alex Rose Games, the platformer features a similar gameplay to that of Super Meat Boy, but with a twist. As your character dies, its body remains in game, thus allowing you to use it as a stepping stone to maneuver around some of the dangerous traps. “Every time you die, your corpse stays exactly where you left it, and with your next life you can use your dead body as a platform or meatshield to keep you alive”, describes the studio.

As difficult as the game might seem, the developer team is convinced that it is possible to finish it without losing a single life. It won’t be easy, but it is not impossible. To promote the launch of their game, and its punishing difficulty, Alex Rose Games announces today that the first person to defeat the Rainbow Challenge will receive a $1000.

The Rules:

  • The competition begins at 6am PDT on May 5, 2017
  • You must beat the entire game in one run in Rainbow Challenge in the Marathon Menu
  • You cannot use glitches or tool-assists
  • You must record the entire run and either stream it on Twitch, or put it on YouTube
  • You must have the game music turned on, and have the game timer enabled
  • You cannot be the friend and/or family of developer Alex Rose
  • The challenge will end when the first person beats it, or end of May 2019
  • Full terms and conditions can be found here


As mentioned in the ruling, players have around two years in order to complete the challenge. Once the first person completes it, the contest will close. During an interview, it was claimed that someone might complete it on day one, however, given the difficulty of the game, it is unlikely to happen so quickly.

For more update on the challenge and the game, stay tuned.

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