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Snorlax Loves Pulverizing Pancakes!

Snorlax is getting all the love today in both the video game and the trading card game. Take a good look at Snorlax-GX from the Sun and Moon expansion.

Earlier today, the Nintendo Direct broadcast showed a lot of new content coming to the 3DS lineup. Among the announcements, Nintendo revealed a new promotional Snorlax that will be using a unique Z-Move. This move is called Pulverizing Pancakes.

Now, we move on to the Trading Card Game. Today, the new Snorlax-GX has been revealed to be the very first promo card coming part of the new Sun and Moon collection. In Japan, fans will be able to get their hands on this card by pre-ordering the Sun and Moon Starter Collection. It is yet unkown when and how we will be receiving this here in North America.


It is quite fitting that relative news for both the Trading Card Game and the Video Games have been revealed together. The card is also very powerful. The big guy has his very own Z-Move as his GX-Attack, which can only be used once per game. The move Pulverizing Pancakes deals a whopping 210 damage and puts him right to sleep. His second attack Roaring Snore deals 180 damage but can only be used if he is asleep. Snorlax-GX’s first attack, Collapse, deals 80 damage and makes him fall asleep right after, setting up the second attack next turn should he remain asleep.

I forsee this card to go hand-in-hand with Hypno from the Breakthrough expansion. He has the ability of putting both Active Pokemon to sleep, which Snorlax loves to do. This strategy has been used by many on Fates Collide’s release when the Snorlax card was released. This card only makes that deck work even better.

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