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Pokémon TCG: Pikachu Box Revealed For Generations

After going through Charizard, Blastoise and Venasaur, Pokémon is getting ready to celebrate the last of the four boxes of Generations: Pikachu!The North American and European boxes for the Red & Blue Collection of Generations have been revealed. Like the three before it, the Pikachu-EX box will feature a figurine for the North American release, but a Jumbo card for Europe. Here are the boxes for North America and Europe, respectively:

Pikachu-EX-Box-20th-Anniversary    Pikachu-EX-Red-Blue-Collection-1

Of course, there is still the continuation of the Mythical Collection until the end of the year. As for this box, the Pikachu-EX that comes with every box is a new art for an existing card. Unlike Charizad-EX, Blastoie-EX and Vensaur-EX, Pikachu-EX did not release in any of the XY booster sets. Only one was releaed as a promo box in celebration of Hoopa’s movie introduction last summer.


The new card will have the same attacks and characteristics as this card, released last year. The new art also features some other prominent Electric-type Pokémon beside our favorite electric mouse: Jolteon and Electabuzz. Past boxes of the Red & Blue Collection did the same for their respective types as well. Charizard features Flareon and Magmar, Blastoise shows Vaporeon and Gyarados and Venasaur has Vileplume and Scyther.

Finally, the Pikachu-EX box is set to release on September 14th. Inside every box, you will receive a copy of the Pikachu-EX card as well as four boosters from the Generations set. There is also a promotional code inside to use on the online game for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Will you be getting this box to complete your set for the Red & Blue Collection?

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