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Incoming Pokemon TCG Evolutions Expansion and Promos

Card players should be ready for the last expansion in the XY BREAK era: Evolutions. The first English cards have been revealed alongside the new promo boxes.

The first three cards from the new Evolutions expansion have been revealed. the Japanese counterpart to this expansion, 20th Anniversary Set, was released last Friday and so, all the cards had been revealed already. If you are eager to know what we will be receiving in Evolutions, you can go and check out the release list from the Japanese set. Coupled with some Japanese promos such as Slowbro–EX and M Slowbro-EX, they will be localized one by one in time for the November release.

Here are the first three cards form the Evolutions: Charizard, Ninetales and Mewtwo-EX:

charizard-evolutions ninetales-break-evolutions mewtwo-ex-evolutions

Wait, that’s not all that was revealed recently. Alongside every expansion, there are always a few promotional goodies that appear for sale as well. There is also the new Elite Trainer Boxes for the Evolutions expansion as well. This set will feature two different boxes for fans to choose from: Red and Blue. There is a Mega Charizard Y Elite Trainer Box and a Mega Blastoise Elite Trainer Box. Each box comes with its own box, a set of card sleeve with the featured pokemon on the back, a set of all the energy types (designed in retro style), a set of dice, a poison token, a burn token and 8 boosters from the Evolutions set.

Take a gander at the beauties:

evolutions-elite-trainer-box-charizard evolutions-elite-trainer-box-blastoise

Furthermore, the special triple packs have also been revealed. These come with three Evolutions boosters as well as one of two different promo cards: Braixen or Black Kyurem. The whole Evolutions expansion should be released by November 2nd Here they are:


Finally, five promotional EX boxes will be releasing some familiar faces back into the Standard format. Five Pokemon-EX cards are coming back from the Flashfire, Furious Fists and Phantom Forces expansions: Charizard-EX, Dragonite-EX, Gengar-EX, Kangaskhan-EX and Mewtwo-EX. The Mewtwo-EX (Photon Wave) card is a new artwork for the same card released in Breakthrough. The other Mewtwo-EX (Shatter Shot) had its second artwork in the tins post-BREAKpoint. These boxes have been slated for December release, so we will have to wait a bit longer for these ones.

charizard-ex-box dragonite-ex-box gengar-ex-box kangaskhan-ex-box mewtwo-ex-box

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