Pokemon Go unveils “Lucky Pokemon” amid year of improvements.

Just when you thought you were out, they reel you back in!

It’s been a big year of changes for Pokemon Go. Despite a phenomenal launch, it’s clear that the initial excitement of many players diminished after a few months. Whether this was because of a lack of interest or features in the app itself is hard to say. However, one thing is clear, the team at Niantic are refusing to let their hit game die! 2017 and 2018 have already featured some huge changes to the core gameplay of Pokemon Go. Let me tell you if you haven’t tried your hand at the app since launch, now’s the time to do it.

Some much-needed features

It took two years for Niantic to implement a friend finding feature in Pokemon Go, but it’s finally here. In June, the team would unveil the ability to add your friends via ‘friend codes’ but also to trade pokemon, a feature which had been heavily demanded since launch.

And these features aren’t the only new ones for returning players to experience. Through 2017, various quality of life updates, as well as daily quests given by Professor Willow, made the game more engaging and more rewarding. It sounds simple enough, but providing players with a daily reward per capture keeps people entertained and willing to commit to the grind.

Yesterday, Niantic announced another new feature for their app which is sure to get people trading. While the update hasn’t been implemented yet, it sounds real exciting. As an incentive to pass pokemon from one trainer to another, they’ve announced “lucky pokemon”. What are they exactly?

There’s a particular glow to lucky pokemon…or so prof. Willow claims!

Pokemon which are traded among friends have the chance to acquire the “lucky” trait, along with a sparkly aura. These Pokemon will require less Stardust to level up, which means you can boost already high CP’s even faster. Niantic has also added the lucky keyword to the Pokedex, meaning tracking is an easy affair. Niantic has confirmed that the longer the Pokemon has stayed in a players inventory, the more likely it is to be lucky when traded. Get ready to say farewell to your favourites in the name of friendship.

Along with the update, the app now also provides extra XP for players who trade Gifts and added a chance for these gifts to contain Stardust.

When can we expect a release date? Niantic is still rolling out the update on all devices, so the best guess is within the next two weeks. However, that’s all speculative until the teams Twitter confirms otherwise.

All the more reason to log back in, start catching rare Pokemon, and trade them with your friends.

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