Beware Survival Horror Game

Playable Demo for Horror Game Beware

This indie survival horror game is now available through a playable demo on PC and it looks like we’re finally “steering away” from the horror genre fatigue.

Previously called Driving Survival, Beware is set on a dark and foggy deserted road. Putting the player in the driver’s seat, the goal is to gather information to piece up the story with hints scattered throughout the open-world map.

So far, the game just sounds creepy. But as you drive around, enemies lurking in the shadows of the landscape will attempt to ram you off the road. One moment, you are anxiously cruising down the sepia-toned roads, the other, you are being aggressively rammed in a car chase that may be the death of you.

The rear-view mirror becomes essential but terrifying to glance at, as other cars’ headlights can blind you at any time. You know that fear of being chased that always comes up in dreams? This game takes full advantage of it by having mysterious crazy drivers chase us around. So, sitting behind the wheel is far from giving us the relief it should this time around.

Graphically, this game looks great with car headlights giving off a gloomy and foreboding atmosphere and the raindrops ominously hitting the windshield to offer a heart-pumping experience.

Developer Ondřej Švadlena started to post his development diary online in 2014. Flash forward to 2018 and he released his first playable demo.

There is one playable mission in the demo that consists in following a dark and gaunt figure along the side of a forest. The tension is palpable, and the fear of an imminent jump scare is always hanging above our head.

No official release date has been announced yet.

But for now, if you want to give it a try, you may download the playable demo here !


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