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Play South Park The Fractured But Whole For Free

South Park The Fractured But Whole is the latest title in the installment and Ubisoft invites you to play the game for free.

South Park is a highly contradicted show but loved by many nonetheless. It takes many modern topics and issues and tackles them in a satiric way. For example, to discuss and bring awareness to the youth of the city, PC Principal punishes those who use slurs to insult one’s race, sexual orientation, gender and more.

In my review, I mention how those issues are being tackled and how some things don’t make sense, but then again, that is the city of South Park. Ubisoft announced today that if you wish to enjoy part of the game before purchasing you can.

Starting now and for an undisclosed duration, players who are unsure about owning the game can download it for free. The trial unlocks the entire game of The Fractured But Whole, but limits you to a single hour of gameplay. Within that hour, you are free to explore and play as you please. From experience, you will probably have enough time to discover the basic mechanics of the game, meet a few key characters, and fight a few times.

One hour in South Park The Fractured But Whole isn’t much, especially if you are the kind to explore and unlock secrets. However, Ubisoft’s idea of making the ‘demo’ a one-hour full gameplay limit is, in my opinion, a good way to showcase the final product. If after one hour you are not convinced, then don’t buy the game. Regardless, after your hour of gameplay, you will be invited to purchase the title in full. What will your decision be?

South Park The Fractured But Whole was made possible thanks to the vision of Trey Parker and Matt Stone and put on consoles thanks to the amazing and meticulous work of Ubisoft.

Now enough reading and go download the game if you don’t already have it!


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