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Vanquish May Be Ported To PC & That is Exciting!

One of Platinum Games’ most acclaimed title, Vanquish, might see the light of day in a new port exclusive to the Windows PC platform.

In a recent development, video game developer Platinum Games ported Bayonetta to PC, giving fans a chance to play one of their best titles. The visuals were bumped up to a 4K resolution, running on 60 FPS, making the game look as great as ever. This port also included a mouse and keyboard support, so performance has never been so keen.

Now that it has been a short while that Bayonetta was ported to PC, NeoGaf user BernardoOne discovered an intriguing image in the EXTRAS folder following the 22KB update issued for Bayonetta.


Via NeoGaf

The picture in question is in fact a headshot of Sam Gideon in his Augmented Reaction Suit, the game’s protagonist. This teases at the possibility for two different things. The first, and the most unlikely one, suggests that Sam Gideon will be a playable character (as an alternate skin) in Bayonetta. The second option, which makes a lot more sense, suggests that a port for Vanquish is imminent and should be up by Platinum Games soon enough. Although I do wonder what will Bayonetta feel like behind the control of the AR Suit, I would enjoy a re-release version of the game a lot more.

Given that option two actually takes place, we should expect Vanquish to have the same treatment as Bayonetta; the 4K resolution, mouse and keyboard support, and of course, a 60 FPS output.

Personally, I am really excited to hear about this. I have been requesting a remake, or sequel to the game for some time now. Although I would have preferred it to be a port on the new consoles, a PC port for me is the next best thing. Can’t wait to see if this whole speculation turn out to be reality!

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